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The Good Doctor: What The Best Dermatologist Should Be Like

The Good Doctor: What The Best Dermatologist Should Be Like

Approaching a doctor is never easy – you are nervous and wondering if you have approached the right doctor for your problem. You are also worried about the kind of treatment coming your way. All of your fears can be calmed down by booking an appointment with the best doctor in Dubai. But how do you know if they are the best doctor for you?

The following are the key attributes to look for when you seek the most experienced dermatologists in Dubai:

* A calm and friendly demeanour.

Most people approaching a doctor are in a fragile state of mind, especially if they have a worsening condition. The same applies to those approaching dermatologists – you might be frightened by the sudden appearance of white or dark patches on your skin, a stubborn rash or even peeling skin. At this juncture, you want reassurance that your condition is not unique and that it can be treated. Having a friendly dermatologist is key – they can assuage your fears and provide the reassurance you need with facts and science. It is not enough to be a skilled doctor – they must have a calm, approachable manner that puts you at ease at once.

* Ready to take as many questions as are asked.

As an extension to the point above, having a doctor that is brusque and not willing to engage in a bit of conversation is counterproductive to effective treatment. It is not enough to be the most experienced dermatologist in Dubai – the doctor must be willing to talk without being brusque or impatient with you. Once they examine you and take your history, they will recommend the further course of treatment and diet. At this point, you will have questions of your own about the treatment, what it entails, and so on. The doctor must be willing to take as many questions as you have, both in the clinic and over the phone so that you have all the information at your disposal before you proceed with the treatment.

* Recommends treatments suitable for you, not the ones they wish to sell.

There are myriad treatment plans in Dubai for both skin and hair problems, and scores of doctors and skin care clinics to choose from. Some of them claim to have discovered a few cures and treatments of their own, while others use the latest scientific breakthroughs and perfect existing treatment methodologies for the best results. Either way, the dermatologist is tasked with recommending treatments that suit the patients the most. If you suspect that your doctor is hard-selling a new treatment at the clinic that may not be suitable or the best choice for you, take a step back and research the treatment and doctor anew. If you are still unconvinced, it might be time to take a second opinion before proceeding.

* Does not withhold information.

Every course of treatment or procedure has its positives and negatives – and the dermatologist must appraise you of both. Most doctors tend to focus only on the pluses of the treatment, and downplay the minuses. It may come from a genuine desire to not frighten the patient. However, withholding information about side effects and post-procedure pain/discomfort may be detrimental to the patient’s interests. Certain treatments cannot be recommended to pregnant women, or those with certain pre-existing skin conditions like Eczema, for instance. It is the dermatologist’s job to give you a full list of side effects and information on how your existing medication/antibiotics may interfere with the treatment outcomes.

* Is conscientious about follow-ups.       

Once the procedure is done, whether it is laser hair removal or Q-Switch laser treatment, you will need follow-up sessions to see the efficiency of the procedure. The doctor must be prompt about scheduling follow-up sessions a few days/weeks after the treatment to see the progress, and must schedule an urgent appointment if you suffer adverse effects like pain or soreness. Some treatments may require two or more follow-ups, and the doctor must pencil you in for regular check-ups with a definite time and date so that the treatment remains on track.

We hope this article helps you find the right dermatologist in Dubai – good luck!

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