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4 things you should consider before buying a product online

If you like to shop online or have a friend who only orders their products online, then check this information before having any problems

 Buying products online has become a daily activity among Internet users, especially with the growth of online shops in Ghana / selling services such as

 For this reason, it is important that you know 4 very important points that you should consider before buying a product online, especially if it is electronic equipment, high value or little known.

 Is it new or refurbished?

 On the Internet it is common to find electronic products that are sold as new or reconditioned, and many times we do not even realize this event until we receive the product at home.

 A reconditioned product means that it has been repaired and put on sale again, although it is thanks to this condition that its price is much more accessible, so this is one of the first details you should check.

 Most of the reconditioned products carry this legend in the description of the product, and some of them do not have a guarantee either, or in their case the time is less compared to a new product, so it is important to consider this detail.

 Another surprise that you may come across is that reconditioned products could include some bumps or damage, although many others are practically new.

 Who covers the warranty?

 The warranty is perhaps one of the most important elements to consider before buying a product, and it is also one of those that many users do not ask or inform themselves.

 Let us remember that many products that we buy in stores such as and other stores do not have a direct guarantee with the seller, but with the supplier, which means that the brand is responsible for making the guarantee of our product valid.

 For this reason it is important to buy products on the Internet from popular sites and provide proof of purchase, as many brands do not validate the guarantee of their products if they were not sold by an authorized dealer.

 Another very important detail is that the products that come from other countries normally include a guarantee only in the countries where they were purchased, so keep this information in mind, because even if the brand has an important presence in your country, if the equipment comes from another market, then the warranty will surely be invalidated.

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What country does the product come from?

 Well, we already mentioned that the guarantee is invalidated if the product that interests us is from abroad, but that is not the only problem, because in the case of telephones we can find some limitations such as the type of charger, operating bands and even some technical specifications.

 The most common case is when we buy a product from Ghana, because in that continent a different type of charger is used, so we would have to buy an adapter on our own to be able to use it.

 In the case of Ghana, one of the most frequent problems is the operating bands, which often do not work quite well in Latin America. But if you want to buy a phone that comes from Ghana and you want to know if it will work with your telephone operator, here we tell you how you can find out .

 Is there technical support for our product?

 Electronic equipment can decompose or break due to an accident, and many times they need repair or expert attention to make them work again, so it is very important to take them to our company's technical support.

 Why is it important to do it directly with the brand? Well, first of all because they are going to replace the broken parts with original ones and after having repaired it we will have another warranty period for that repair. On the other hand, many times in the premises that repair equipment they do not replace the parts with original components, and there is even the possibility that they will remove some other component in good condition and replace it with a low quality one.

 This is the reason why it is very important to know if we can repair our equipment with the company that we bought it without having to intervene a third party, otherwise after the warranty ends or we have a problem that it does not cover, no we can repair our equipment with confidence and security.

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