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4 Sources of Authentic Research Materials on the Internet

Conducting original research for an academic paper can be a tedious task. In fact, if you want to do it the traditional way, it can take you weeks to gather all the necessary data for the paper. This is the reason why most students rely on the internet for online research paper help. The problem is that not everything you find on the internet is true. And unless it is coming from an authentic source, the readers will not recognise your content as credible.

However, there are several authentic sources of information on the internet, which you can use for your research work. In fact, a lot of online assignment help experts, whom students ask for “help with my research paper”, use these sources.

  1. University Archives:

If you are looking for reliable research materials for an academic topic, university archives are the best place to look into. These days, a majority of the universities store the research papers, journals, theses and dissertations of their students on the online archives. You can simply visit the archives and look for papers written on the same topic as yours. You will find a lot of authentic data from those papers for your content.

  1. National library websites:

While it may not be a good idea to visit the national library during this pandemic physically, you can certainly access the database of the national library as long as you have a membership. In fact, you can access a limited amount of materials on the website even if you don't have a membership. You can find the digital versions of relevant books, articles, journals, magazines, newspapers and many more, which you usually get in a national library.

  1. The government portals:

If you are looking for reliable data, you can also visit the websites owned by government entities. For instance, if you are looking for the census data, you can find it at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The easiest way of finding a government-run website is to look at its URL and check if the URL extension has “.gov” in it. As you may realise, “.gov” refers to government. So, it is easy to remember. You can use the data found on such websites in your paper if it seems relevant.

  1. Websites run by media houses:

Newspapers and magazines have been recognised as reliable sources of data for years. You can use their online versions as well for your research work. It is always better to collect your data from the websites of reputed media houses – such as BBC, CNN, the Guardian, The Telegraph, The Sun, The New York Times, etc. These sources are useful for researchers who are looking for the latest data and numbers.

In conclusion,

Conducting your research on the internet is a lot more convenient than doing it offline. However, it is absolutely important to cite the sources of information that you use in your paper. Otherwise, it won’t matter whether the data was true or false. The readers will consider it unreliable.

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