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All About Transfirst Merchant Services

When it comes to credit card processing, TransFirst Merchant Services ( is among the biggest merchant account providers. It was acquired completely by TSYS in April 2016. Today, the companies work under a joint brand name. It was in 1995 that the company was established and is funded by Deutsche Bank of New York, Synovus Bank of Columbus, Georgia, and Wells Fargo Bank of Walnut Creek, California. 

TransFirst merchant account

The contract terms, rates and pricing of a merchant account of TransFirst will possibly differ on the basis of various factors, such as:

  • The sub-ISO who resells the account

  • Agent who sets the account up

  • Processing volume

  • Type of business of the merchant

As a full-service merchant services provider, TransFirst spares no effort to be the topmost credit card processing solution for customers. With TransFirst, Merchant processing can get very easy. It aids businesses of all sizes, and offers high quality payment processing services and products that can satisfy all kinds of credit card processing companies requirements. Be it an e-commerce retailer in need of having a smooth website checkout process or a startup venture that needs safe payment solutions, it has the best solutions to satisfy all kinds of businesses out there. 

Offerings of TransFirst 

TransFirst is a top provider of safe payment enabling technologies and transaction processing services. Its one of a kind services and products are designed keeping in consideration the unique requirements of:

  • Merchant customers

  • Government

  • E-commerce

  • Healthcare

  • Independent sales organization

  • Financial institution

The company helps its customers achieve business growth with solid collaborating and using its sound knowledge of the industry. 

Specialized Approach

TransFirst uses its unique processing solutions, partnership strategy and deep knowledge of the industry to use a specialized approach for offering credit card processing, transaction processing services and merchant bankcard processing services to a wide range of industries, such as:

  • Online Bill Payments

  • Utilities

  • Municipalities

  • Public Sectors

  • Catalog

  • e-Commerce

  • Healthcare

  • Specialty retail

  • Retail

It has to be noted that TransFirst Merchant Services is one of the biggest providers of payment processing technologies and transaction processing services in the country. It has a full suite of services and products on offer. The customized credit card processing programs of the company is tailored in an innovative way to the special business requirements of reseller and referral partners, independent agents and sales organizations, financial institutions and more.

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