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Tips To Find The Best Apartments On A Short Notice

Not everyone has a month or more before they need to relocate. Some people have to change their address in a week or so. This can happen due to various reasons like a job change or the landlord refusing to renew the lease. It’s troublesome because you need to find a good place to stay, packing and paying for many things. Fortunately, there are many ways to find good RiNo apartments on short notice. You might need to compromise on a few things but it’s doable with the following tips:

Settle Stuff With Current Landlord

Leaving this unsettled with the current landlord is never a good idea. Especially in the rare instance when the new landlord asks for a referral. Pay pending rent, penalties, etc. Repair and clean the room. Try to get as much of the security deposit back as you can.

Set Basic Requirements

When you’re in a time crunch, it’s hard to find an apartment exactly as you want. You’ll need to focus on basic needs like proximity to the workplace, safe neighborhoods, amenities nearby, pet-friendliness, etc.

Search Websites

You can find many apartment listing websites and apps. Search on them based on the requirements you set. Search on the most reliable websites that verify their landlords/agents. Watch out for signs of spam like deliberate grammar errors or unbelievably low prices.

Read Classifieds

If you still read a newspaper, then you should check out the classified section. Many landlords still post ads on them. Many newspapers also publish the classifieds on their websites.

Ask Acquaintances

Your friends, colleagues or relatives may be aware of a vacancy in the location you’re moving to. You can ask them for help with your search by either calling them or posting your requirements on social media. Some of them might be willing to accommodate you temporarily or might be subletting.

Use Social Media

Post your requirements for a new apartment on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Join neighborhood help groups for listings of vacancies. Look out for signs of spam like poor grammar and unbelievably good offers.

Consult An Apartment Finder

An apartment finder is arguably the best option to find a new apartment on short notice. They have vast data on the best apartments in Denver. They can cut the search from a week to a few hours. Just tell them what you’re looking for. Some complexes and neighborhoods list their vacancies exclusively to them so you’ll find more options with them.

The best part is that they provide these services for free because the landlord pays them for finding new tenants. They can schedule tours on your behalf to smoothen the process. They get paid only when you sign the lease. So they’ll try their best to find the right fit instead of sending you on pointless tours.

See The Place

It’s always a good idea to see the place so that you know you are renting what you saw online. If you can’t travel, then schedule a virtual tour through video calling. Sign the lease only if you are satisfied with what you see.

Carry Docs

When you are in a time crunch, you want to grab the first place that you like. Carry the docs usually required by landlords like a photo id, referral, etc. Also, carry your checkbook so that you can submit the deposit soon.

Read Lease

No matter how much hurry you are in, you must read the lease terms carefully before signing. This way you avoid agreeing to something inconvenient like giving the landlord permission to enter without notice. Research local rent laws to know your rights and negotiate the lease terms.

Prepare Backups

You’ll need a backup in case you don’t find a decent apartment before you need to move out. Look for temporary lodging options like hotels or Airbnb. Ask an acquaintance if they can accommodate you until you find a place.

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