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Choose The Right Type Of HVAC Filter For Your Home

Air filters play a key role in the transportation of cold or hot air throughout your home via your HVAC unit. The fresh and cool air that you get from your air conditioning during the hot summer months is because of the air filters and it is thus essential that you invest in the right filter to keep the air in your home fresh and healthy. Oftentimes, a mal-working air filter leads to various air conditioning issues and you may even need an AC repair in Port St. Lucie.

Since the air filters are an integral part of the heating and cooling system of your home, you need to ensure that you are making the right choice for your home. Using the right type of filter keeps dust, dander, and pollen away from the air inside your home and also keep larger dust particles from damaging your HVAC system. The following are some of the widely used air filters and along with their pros and cons, sot hat you can choose the right one for your home.

Washable Filters

Although most of the air filters that we use in our home are disposable, washable filters are a sustainable and efficient choice as they can be washed and reused, instead of buying air filters again and again after every couple of months. Even though these filters initially cost a little bit more than the other filters but you will save a lot in the long run.


- You have to buy a filter only once and they last as long as the lifespan of the HVAC unit.
- Washable and cost-effective.
- It reduces environmental waste


- They need to be maintained regularly to keep them working in optimum condition.

UV Filters

Just as the name suggests, these filters use waves of ultraviolet light to kill the bacteria and viruses present in the air. Whenever the air passes through the UV filter, the UV lamp present inside the filter purifies the air by killing any microbes including mild spores that are potentially hazardous to health. But this air filter is not as efficient in removing dust from the air as other types of filters.


- Kills tough germs and micro organism from the air, protecting the health of the people.
- Prevents allergies and respiratory illness.


- Potential to transform ozone into oxygen which can cause cough and chest pain.
- Not as efficient in removing dust and dander.

Media Filters

Media filters are much more beneficial than the standard MERV rated filters even though they have the same level of filtration. This is because, media filters come with a larger surface area, which prevents static pressure significantly and thus provides a better quality filtration.
These filters also remove bacteria and other air pollutants while also being very easy to maintain. These filters cannot be installed by yourself and require professional assistance. Hire a skilled AC service in Stuart FL to install the filters.


- Easy to maintain and need to be replaced only once or twice a year
- Cost-effective and provides great air filtration.


- Need to be professionally installed.
- Cannot remove strong odor.

HEPA Filters

High-Efficiency Particulate Aiir Filters or HEPA filters are the most commonly used air filters and are recommended by the U.S Department of Health. This filter removes almost all of the pollutants and microorganisms present in the air generating clean and fresh air for your home or office. This filter can even filter tobacco smoke. For those who suffer from allergies and respiratory system, these filters are the best thing for them and it also keeps the air clean as well.


- Efficient in flittering the air of dirt and microbes.
- Cost-effective and needs to be changed only once a couple of years.


- Some gasses, fumes, and odors are difficult for HEPA filters to remove.
- Mold spores can reduce the effectiveness of this type of filter.

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