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Let’s Know About Vilitra 60mg Pills, A Generic Version of Levitra

Let’s Know About Vilitra 60mg Pills, A Generic Version of Levitra

But how does Vilitra compare to other common ED treatments? Let’s know how it’s in the treatment of ED, and how it is different from other ED pills.

How does Vilitra work for ED?

Vilitra, like Viagra and Cialis, is what’s called a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor.

These types of Pills work by blocking your body’s production of an enzyme called PDE5 that’s part of the reason ED happens.

Here’s how Vilitra is intended to help with ED:

• Typically, an erection starts to happen (physically speaking) when nerves in your penis are stimulated by touch. Then the release of nitric oxide produces the substances that help your smooth muscles begin to relax and permit blood to flow into the penis. This added blood flow causes the penis to grow and become stiff.

• With ED, your nerves don’t properly relay the signals between your penis and brain that allow nitric oxide to be released and your muscles to relax. As a result, blood can’t flow into your penis and give you an erection. This also happens because overactive PDE5 enzymes quickly break down the substances that nitric oxide releases to help you get an erection, making it difficult for the smooth muscles in your penis to relax.

• Vilitra blocks PDE5 from breaking down the substances produced by nitric oxide that allow the smooth muscles in your penis to relax. Blood can then flow more easily into the penis tissues and give you an erection.

Research on Vilitra benefits

There’s a lot of studies about the effectiveness of PDE5 inhibitors in general as well as on Vilitra.

A 2009 study on Vilitra found that the Pill is generally effective for helping people with ED quickly and reliably get erections when they’re sexually stimulated that lasted long enough for satisfying sex.

This study also states that ED is caused due to:

• diabetes

• high blood pressure

• Dyslipidemia (high cholesterol in the blood)

• Old age

The study suggests that the continuous use of a low dose of Vilitra (about 10 mg) and a CPAP machine together can result in more consistent erections and sexual satisfaction.

Vilitra is also known for its “fast-acting” effects. On average, people who use Vilitra report that it starts working after less than an hour.

Most people say that they can continue to have an erection for up to 5 hours after the intake.

Vilitra vs. other ED pills

Vilitra is similar to other PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra, Cialis, and Stendra (Avanafil), but it has a different dosing calendar and duration.

Vilitra dosages and how to use

Vilitra can be taken as either a 5 mg or 10 mg oral tablet.

You should only take Vilitra 60mg Pills once a day right before you plan to have sex. If you’d prefer to have sex more than once a day, ask your doctor about other ED Pills that allow for a dosing schedule that will work better for you.

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