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What are the main advantages of test automation?

Faster feedback
Test automation speeds up the validation of the phases of a software project, as it optimizes communication between developers, designers, testers, etc. Any potential bug, thanks to this integration, can be identified and treated in advance.

Increased data security
It is not uncommon that in a manual testing team, professionals come to the night to try to discover an error or fix a bug that went into production - especially on systems with a high level of security.

Test automation performs constant checks, avoiding security breaches and reducing the risks of possible intrusion or other types of cyber attacks. A leak of confidential data from a prototype can be costly.

IT cost reduction
With the cloud testing tool there is no need for installations or updates, as everything is already pre-designed. This reflects a very short setup time, also reducing costs due to the ease of integrating testing tools in a single solution - which brings together several project management solutions, such as:

• version management;
• requirements management;
• test case management;
• execution environment management;
• team management;
• test reports.

Greater efficiency
When we talk about manual tests, we know that they take a long time in the software development cycle. Automated tests, despite the setup time, require much less time for their execution, as the tools are integrated and the processes are reviewed numerous times in real time. This means that in addition to reducing costs, there is a gain in efficiency.

Ease of access to resources
Since tests can be performed at any time, regardless of location, you will have much more optimized application development and deployment processes. The only thing you will need to do to start trading is to access the tool.

At a time when we are connected 24 hours a day on a variety of devices, this mobility only brings gains. You will be able to develop an application working with professionals from around the world in an integrated manner and at the most suitable time for each one.

Technicians are well-versed with the brass tacks of the services/products, which they provide support for. If IT Technicians are unable to resolve a problem, it is escalated to the senior team.

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