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Free Hosting and How to Get it and Profit From It - For the Professional Designe

If you're a professional web designer or developer, you no doubt have clients with websites. These clients may be hosting with another company and paying anywhere from . 00 per month to . 95 per month. Regardless of where they host, that's money that you're not participating in. Why? Could you use another 0 to 00+ per month coming in with no effort on your part? Of course you could! It will keep the wife happy and/or keep the girlfriend drinking good wine.

Here's how you can get free hosting and then resell it to your clients and keep 100% of the margin. You will spend whatever a Reseller Account costs from the hosting company you choose and approximately . 95/mo to achieve this but it will pay for itself within 3 months if you implement it.

1. Go to one of the major hosting companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost, DreamHost, HostGator etc.

2. Sign up as a Reseller. If you can afford it, sign up for the best reseller plan they have.

3. All of these hosting companies offer some sort of "Premium" hosting account. Using this Premium Account you can host as many websites as you like. You also get unlimited storage and bandwidth.

4. After you purchase the Premium hosting account, attach it to a domain name and simply put a coming soon page in the root directory.

5. Log in to your Premium account CP and go to Domain Management. Add the clients domain. It will ask you to create a new directory. shared web hosting service Create one for the client and log out. (Be sure to read the online Help file if you need additional instructions. )

6. Wait 30 minutes and then log in again. You should see, inside your domain management area, your client's domain or some sort of verification that the setup process has completed

7. Now FTP into your new Premium account and confirm that the new directory was created.

8. If you see the new directory, post a simple index. htm page with COMING SOON in it. Nothing fancy for now, we'll come back and create a better one later.

9. Now that everything is set up on your end, log in to your client's domain registrar and change the ANAME record for their domain to the IP of your Premium hosting account. If they have emails already setup, be mindful of this and write down their MX records for your records and in case these records get changed when the ANAME propagates (You may or may not have to re-enter the MX records but write them down nonetheless. ). Save the ANAME record and log out.

10. Within a few hours, their domain name should resolve at your Premium Hosting IP. When it does, your Premium hosting account will know what directory to point it to and you will see your Coming Soon page when you go to their URL..

At this point, what you have effectively done is secured free hosting for the client. Next, simply charge them whatever amount you charge for hosting and bill it annually. Under 0 for the year is a tolerable amount for most people. Doing this allows you to capture 100% of the hosting fees and provide clients with world-class hosting services.

What if my client wants FTP access to their account?

Simple. Just create an additional FTP user in your Premium account and assign access to their specific directory. They won't be able to access anyone else's stuff. This is a simple, effective and profitable way to capture revenue you may be missing. Some may argue that it's not free since you're paying the . 95 per month. If you get just ONE client, the account is free for you. Additionally, you can now sell all kinds of website related products via your reseller account and even hosting accounts if your client prefers automated monthly billing.

Marc Trimble is a Joomla developer with more than 15 years experience in: Internet Marketing, social media initiatives, web building and online advocacy. His company, West7th Design and Development, online at [], works with businesses and non-profits on a global scale to help them succeed online. The West7th Team also own and operate a domain name and hosting company for small business and non profits.

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