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Wondering if it’s time to replace your mod battery? Charging and changing your battery are simple. When done correctly, there is a low likelihood of any issues. That said, it’s important to be attentive. Human error is the biggest cause of unexpected performance.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a 18650 Battery?

Charge time for 18650 batteries is perhaps the most recognizable approach to gauge battery wellbeing. Charge time ought to be reliable. Longer charge times are generally the main sign you ought to think about supplanting a battery.

It for the most part requires around 4 hours to charge a 18650 mod battery utilizing a different charger. On the off chance that you utilize a Micro USB charger, it is probably going to require around three hours. Nonetheless, be prompted that there can be some slight difference in charging times, in any event, for another battery.

Whenever you've utilized the battery for a couple of days, you ought to have a sound thought what amount of time it will require to charge. As the battery gets more established, charging takes longer and the capacity to hold a charge between utilization will lessen.

When charging time gets longer, it is a smart thought to supplant your mod's 18650 battery. The batteries are worked to face steady use throughout quite a while – however, once the presentation begins to corrupt, it will just deteriorate.

Check Physical Condition

Your 18650 mod battery is an accuracy part that ought to be liberated from harm, imperfections and wear. On the off chance that you notice actual harm, it is a smart thought to supplant your battery with another one that will be more solid in the long haul.


Marks can happen if the battery is dropped, either all alone or while inside the gadget. Any sort of disfigurement that changes the state of the battery will impede its electrical properties, so you should transform it out when you can.


Scratches can here and there be shallow and won't cause significant execution issues. All things considered, if a scratch shows up especially long or profound – or in the event that you essentially don't care for its vibes – it is in every case preferred to be protected over heartbroken.


"Wrap" by and large alludes to warm psychologist wrap tubing for your battery. This can come as an enormous roll or it tends to be pre-cut. Regardless of the case, in any case, you ought to supplant wrap that has gotten obviously harmed. This is basic to the battery's warm guideline.

Unplanned Misuse

Mishaps occur, so "unplanned abuse" can make a ton of progress. Perhaps your hand slips and you drop the battery. Possibly it gets lowered in water or gets coarseness in it because of an excursion to the seashore. Whatever the case, this is typically causing for a replacement.c

Inappropriate Charging

You ought to consistently utilize charging links and gadgets that are shown for use with your vape. There is positively a reseller's exchange of charging innovation and "modded" chargers out there, yet it is ideal to evade them. Be especially aware of chargers or links that appear to run hot.

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