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Manage Native Ad Networks in One Place with Brax

Tired of Spending Your Entire Day in Outbrain, Taboola and Revcontent on Repetitive Optimization Tasks?

Are you logging into Outbrain, Taboola or Revcontent to create the same ads over and over?

Do you set reminders to check budgets and change bids each day?

Spending too much time blocking publishers and adjusting bids?

Let’s get honest.

Once you get past k/month in ad spend on native it becomes a burden of work.

The interfaces were not built for pro media buyers like you.

Do you limit yourself to one ad network a day because it is just too time consuming otherwise?

Here is a typical workflow.

Go into the campaign, click on sites, export the data.

Match it up with some conversion data, then filter to see what needs blocked.

Then you go into backstage again and scroll through page by page, searching to find each publisher to block.

Then repeat for the next campaign.

Sound familiar?

And it is time consuming, error prone and a total pain!

Here is another scenario:

You create a campaign on Taboola that targets mobile US traffic for iOS. Then create ads in the worst experience ever.

Now you get to do it again for mobile US android and desktop. Want to target another country?

Or do this for more than one landing page?

Lucky you, get to repeat all that work over and over. This is just launching the campaigns.

Three days later you are faced with a list of 5,000 sites that sent traffic you get to sort through to block or adjust.

And you get to do that for every single campaign you just made.

Then again for whitelist campaigns and new discovery campaigns.

Then again for Oubrain and Revcontent.

For 2-3 campaigns this might work.

It quickly gets out of hand.

What if you could have your conversion and cost data in one place, already matched?

And could define when to block sites once, then run that across every campaign, every day or week?

Would that completely change the way you work with Outbrain, Taboola and Revcontent?

That is exactly what Brax helps you do, manage everything for native ads in one place.

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