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Factors that deserve attention

The evolution towards industry 4.0 also presents some challenges that automakers must overcome if they are to remain competitive. Check out!

Cloud storage and data security
As we said, cloud computing is one of the engines of industry 4.0. For example: a cloud-based product lifecycle management system eliminates supply chain inefficiencies caused by lack of communication.

In addition, prototype revisions and updated information across the supply chain result in significant savings, helping suppliers to provide competitive quotes to end customers.

On the other hand, it is worth considering some factors. Current models in the automotive sector represent a kind of closed information cycle, in which data never leaves the company's systems.

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Industry 4.0 requires opening this cycle, making the company vulnerable to virtual security threats. This is especially dangerous for the automotive industry, as consumers can suffer damage if their connected vehicles are hacked, for example.

Data management
The era of Big Data has reached the automotive industry, which, in turn, produces large volumes of data. By collecting and analyzing information from sensors, machines, databases and social media, automakers can:

- increase customer loyalty;
- improve predictive maintenance;
- optimize the reseller performance;
- qualify supply chains;
- improve driver safety.

The potential benefits of Big Data in the automotive industry seem almost endless. However, to obtain these advantages, it is necessary to make several important decisions in terms of investments in architecture and technology.

It is important to consolidate and rationalize technologies on the Big Data platform used in three layers:

1. scalable storage and processing;
2. management;
3. analytical and visualization.

Thus, it is possible to have a basis for successful projects. In general, industry 4.0 represents the current competitiveness, from which we can no longer escape.

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