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An Army Officer's Journal For may Well 1940

The Commodore is not impressed with the ships’ ability to preserve their stations, saying it was the worst he had ever seasoned, and is equally crucial with regard to visual and W/T signalling. Departed Halifax on 7th July 1940 and arrived Liverpool on 22nd July . Departed Halifax on 20th Might 1940 and arrived Liverpool on 3rd June . Suderholm, Adula and Point Arena lost touch with the convoy on 22nd 23rd March.
KIMBERLEY, just arriving from Greenock and brief on fuel, was later detached for refuelling at Rosyth. After refuelling, KIMBERLEY went to Sheerness and arrived at 2120/10th. A Skua of 803 Squadron force landed close to Grondalen in Haugfjell. Midshipman C. Treen and Naval Airman A. E. T. Goble were later picked up by destroyer BEDOUIN.
Dutch submarines O.13, O.21, O.22 and minesweeper JAN VAN GELDER arrived at Portsmouth on the 12th. Light cruiser JACOB VAN HEEMSKERCK and destroyer ISAAC SWEERS were sent on to Spithead, arriving on the 12th.
escorts in dunkirk belgium
five days later which brought the British Expeditionary Force back from Dunkirk. ) have been designated Admiralty Leaders and built by Cammel Laird. Once more, these ships had been larger at 1,530 tons with the same armament as the Thorneycroft group. So far we seem to have come up with three options for Stepwilk’s original Canard – whether 110s necessary their personal escorts. Its acceleration and speed were inadéquate to allow it to steer clear of combat if opposed by superior numbers of interceptons, and its single aft-firing 7,9-mm weapon was inadequate to shield it from attack from astern. But if the Bf 110 received a mauling in the "Battle of Britain" it gave a good account of itself on many battlefronts in the years that followed. The unsuitability was how it was employed and that had it been utillised in a way that took advantage of its speed then it would have been a really severe threat to RAF pilots devoid of needing its personal escort.
British steamer LOCHEE and tanker BRITISH VALOUR proceeded in this convoy. At 2237/10th, light cruiser PENELOPE departed Skelfjord towed by tug BANDIT . In escort girl TAKITAKI belgium on Skelfjord, light cruiser PENELOPE was damaged by splinters from near misses and destroyer VANSITTART was hit by a compact bomb placing her right after guns out of action. quickly arrived and participated in the British bombardment of the village. These troops have been landed at Ranfjord on the 10th and their presence facilitated the capture of Mosjoen by German troops. Finally, only destroyer SCHOEMANN was operational and capable of duty. Convoy SA.40 of two steamers arrived at St Malo from Southampton.

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By the time that the most important physique had turned towards St Omer they in turn encountered the 1st Panzers and were forced back on Calais. As the 1st and 10th Panzers had been moving north towards Calais on the 22nd May the 1st Queen Victoria’s Rifles arrived in the port. A territorial unit they have been quickly followed by soldiers and tanks from the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment.
The survivors have been picked up by Estonian steamer VIIU , which was sunk herself the subsequent day. soon after operating up on the 14th and arrived at Sheerness on the 15th.
  • 1 of the 111 Squadron Hurricanes, P3761, flown by Flying Officer Peter Higgs, collided with a Do-17, possibly while taking evasive action when he was attacked by the Bf 109 of Oberleutnant Ouesau.
  • The RAF fighters clashed with 26 Dornier Do-17s and Do-215s, 30 BF 110s and 20 BF 109s more than the Channel off Folkestone.
  • Twenty-two Hurricanes from 32, 56 and 111 Squadrons, and eight Spitfires of 74 Squadron had been scrambled from Manston, Biggin Hill, Hornchurch, Kenley and Croydon in the south-east of England to meet the German raid over the Channel.

f) When escort belgium TAKITAKI is hunting and finding “warm” a corvette is liable to be a hindrance rather than a assistance. The imply course of the convoy was 127° it had just started on a “zig” to port.
In Might 1940, the RAF faced its very first accurate test against an experienced Luftwaffe. Tasked with defending the evacuating troops during Operation Dynamo, the RAF targeted the advancing German army and fought Ju 87 Stukas, Messerschmitt 109s and Heinkel 111s higher in the sky. As effectively as an original Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane, you can also view scale models of the German Messerschmitt Bf 109 and the Ju 87 Stuka in our Flight Gallery. Vickers-Supermarine Mk1 Spitfire, No. 9444, with portion of Hawker Hurricane pictured on show in the Flight GalleryContrary to popular know-how of the events at Dunkirk, the RAF made a considerable contribution to the evacuation of Allied forces. Even though soldiers on the beach believed they had been abandoned as they could not see Allied aircraft, the RAF had been fighting the Luftwaffe more than the English Channel. Code-named ‘Operation Dynamo’, a lot more than 330,000 British, French, Belgian and Polish troops were rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk involving 26 May possibly and three June 1940. At the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939, he returned to Belgium and was promptly mobilised into the Belgian Infantry.

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