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Breast prostheses: why unauthorized gel is dangerous

While the founder of the PIP company claims to have used a non-compliant but harmless gel, health authorities are proving the opposite.

The trial on the case of fraudulent PIP (Poly Implant Prothesis) breast prostheses has been held in Marseille since Wednesday, April 17. In question, implants containing an unauthorized industrial gel. More than 5,200 women have filed a complaint against the Var company of Jean-Claude Mas, who admits to having replaced the approved gel with another, cheaper, but not dangerous according to him .

However, the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products (Afssaps) has proved that PIP gel has an irritant power that is not found with approved gels. In the case of breast prostheses, an elastic silicone envelope envelops a liquid silicone gel. It is the latter which is questioned, because, not being compliant, it would have weakened the envelope of the implants and caused a high rate of rupture.

Moreover, in the decision of March 29, 2020 concerning the withdrawal of PIP implants from the market , Afssaps affirms that "the diffusion of silicone through the envelope can generate an embrittlement of the latter and could therefore explain the rate. rupture observed in materiovigilance. A rupture requires an additional surgical intervention, the risk for the patients of which is not negligible. In addition, the diffusion of silicone in the body can also lead to the occurrence of locoregional complications. " This is because the body does not eliminate the silicone, which ends up accumulating in areas of the body thus forming ganglia under the armpits, which causes painful inflammation. Suggests best nutritionist in delhi

While breast implants have a typical lifespan of 10 years and more, rupture of PIP implants occurs on average at 6.3 years. According to the National Medicines Safety Agency (Ansm), the rate of failed PIP implants currently stands at 25.9%. Among the malfunctions recorded, 85% concern ruptures and perspiration (oozing from the gel). "All breast implants can be affected by these anomalies, but their frequency and precocity are more important in the case of PIP breast implants", specifies the Ansm in its inventory of April 11,2020

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