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Beneficial and without psychotropic effects, it relieves your body and mind, by activating your cannabinoid receptors.

Its anti-inflammatory properties are highly appreciated by the saboteur. And according to some studies it would have a regulatory effect on our immune system.

Find out how to consume this natural component that is cannabidiol!

Ingest CBD in capsules or capsules

The most widespread use of cannabidiol remains for oral ingestion. Indeed, there are capsules or capsules containing CBD oil. Like any drug, they ingest and have their membrane dissolved once in the stomach.

For example, you can take your box of capsules to work, without anyone noticing that you are using CBD during the day, which is much more discreet than a traditional CBD HEMP FLOWER. Easy to carry, the capsules can stay in your bag for quick use whenever the need arises. And finally, it's a format that appeals to those looking for a neutral, tasteless and odorless product.

This is really the easiest mode of administration if you are new to the world of CBD. On the other hand, the relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects will take a little longer to manifest, since the cannabinoids must reach your digestive system to be effective.

Consuming CBD in the form of a cannabis flower

The CBD cannabis flower is similar in every way to the buds of high THC weed, but it does not contain any psychoactive substances. However, it is absolutely not recommended to smoke it. To consume CBD flowers healthily, you still have the option of inhaling them through a quality vaporizer provided for this purpose. This mode of consumption is suitable for a specific audience: cannabis users who want to reduce their addiction or replace the content of their joint in favor of a more beneficial product.

The other option for consuming CBD flowers is the infusion. To make a CBD herbal tea, just crush them with a grinder and use them as a tea. To optimize the dissolution of cannabinoids in water, and thus benefit from all the benefits of therapeutic hemp, do not forget to add a fat in your preparation. You can use vegetable oil, butter, milk, or cream. The example of herbal tea is more common, but you can very well incorporate your crumbled CBD flowers in all your recipes.

Consume CBD wax

The consistency of CBD wax is not really solid or liquid. It is a wax which is actually a crystallized oil. The wax is obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction of hemp. This is a completely ecological technique, and which does not affect the sensory qualities that CBD provides. It extracts the odorous molecules from the plant.

The wax can be consumed via vamping using a vaporizer or electronic cigarette. It is also possible to inhale it by heating it, or to ingest it via food in order to benefit from its soothing properties.

First, the CBD wax can be consumed in dab. To do this, you need to equip yourself with a dab rig, a bong or a dabber that can contain this concentrated form of cannabis.

Second, you can mix your CBD wax with an e-liquid to consume it through an electronic cigarette. However, this method requires a little technical knowledge, because you must mix the wax with propylene glycol, and respect a precise dosage, namely: 200 mg of CBD maximum for 5 ml of propylene glycol.

Third, you can use a vaporizer to consume your CBD wax, such as flowers and resins. You just need to make sure you choose a vaporizer that will suit all forms of hemp and their point of combustion. Ideal for beginners, the vaporizer is very easy to use and is a great investment in your health. Put your CBD wax in the small container provided for this purpose, heat your vaporizer, and all you have to do is inhale.

Finally, the last method to consume CBD wax is ingestion. You can incorporate it in small quantities in your culinary preparations, the aromas and effects of CBD will be perfectly preserved. To feel the first relaxing effects, you will have to wait at least 1 hour, while the cannabinoids reach your digestive system.

Using CBD paste or CBD resin

Along with the CBD flower, you will surely find CBD paste. It looks strangely like hashish and takes the form of a resin. You can consume it by inhalation using a vaporizer. The mode of administration is similar to that of flowers, so you have the choice between inhalation, infusion in your hot drinks, or incorporation into your culinary preparations.

To vale, start by carrying a quality vaporizer. Crumble your CBD resin into crumbs, then place the product in the container provided for this purpose. Tamp the product well, but do not add too much either, as this may affect the proper combustion of the latter. And if you don't put in enough, the vaporization won't work either. Fill the tank carefully, close it, and heat your vaporizer.

If your vaporizer has temperatures already built in, you won't have to do anything. Otherwise, you will need to take care to always set the temperature between 160 and 220 degrees Celsius. Below 160 degrees vaporization will not work, and above 220 degrees you will burn resin and irritate your throat. Of course, you can adjust the temperature according to your feelings.

Vaporize the CBD in the form of e-liquid

The electronic cigarette comes in a wide range of varieties and nowadays, it also allows you to consume CBD. Indeed, after the capsules, the value of CBD is a mode of consumption rather widespread in the country. So much so that the purchase of e-liquid with CBD for electronic cigarettes is now authorized in France.

CBD e-cigarette liquids come in two types:

The booster version which contains a strong concentrate of CBD and which is used in the company of a neutral base, or even an e-liquid already prepared

The classic e-liquid, it can be bought already ready and has different rates of CBD

Inhale cannabidiol by spraying

You are already familiar with e-liquid containing CBD, but have you ever heard of the vaporizer? It is used with CBD crystals, cannabidiol flower or even CBD resin. It heats the product to allow you a gentle inhalation rich in active ingredients.

The best thing about this method is that it allows you to enjoy the unique aromas of cannabis, without any risk to your health. No combustion, no irritation. No tobacco, no nicotine addiction. Only the therapeutic virtues and the exceptional flavors of hemp are offered to you when you use a vaporizer. If you are a former smoker or are in the process of quitting smoking, this is probably the best way to keep smoky sensations from a joint, but in a totally healthy version.

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