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Homemade Window Box Plans You Can Build Easily

Window boxes are such an elegantly simple way to enhance the appearance of your house. They’re also ideal for growing flowers, plants or even vegetables if you don’t have anywhere else to put them. This window box adds beauty both indoor and outdoor since I can see the flowers from inside too. Now you know how to build indoor planter boxes of your own and you've given your windows a little extra life with a floral flourish. Flower boxes aren't just for the outdoors — they add life and color to any room in your house.
Today I’m sharing how to make a window box so you can hopefully build one for your home. In our old planter box, I planted all of our flowers in three plastic inserts that I placed directly into the wood flower box. This made clean-up easy and protected the box under window planter box a bit. When I took those plastic inserts out to place into the new box, I realized that we didn’t make the new window box wide enough. Somehow I must have measured incorrectly and they didn’t fit. As I mentioned earlier, I should have made the box a tad wider.

Annual flowers live for just one season while perennials live for three or more growing seasons. There are an endless number of flowers that thrive in window boxes which can help add the perfect pop of color to the outside of your home.
Discard the extra wood, or set it aside for a later project. Pull off four whole boards from the pallet using a crowbar. If the pallet wood splits or breaks, it will not work for this project. Be very careful as you remove the boards so you do not break them. So we headed to Lowe’s to pick out the wood and have it cut to size. We had the wood cut into three pieces (80 in. x 7 1/4 in. x 3/4 inch). For the two ends we had them cut pieces that were 7 1/4 in.

I ordered two to match the width of our front second story windows (36″ and 24″). All of our listed sizes are for the base boxes . Any additional trim that overhangs one of our window box planters is not added to the size of the window box. So for example, a 36" traditional box is built as a 36" box with a cap that overhangs about 1.5 inches on each side (making it 39" at top). Generally, when looking at a window box you see the box itself and not the trim. It's a good idea to get a window box at the desired length and not worry about the cap or trim unless there is a critical dimension you cannot exceed . If you have any questions about measuring, please call or email us.
Two matching apartment windows with outside ledges are the perfect spot for small rectangular planter boxes. Planted with a few colorful geraniums, they are the perfect color for these red rimmed windows. Maintenance of window box planters Window boxes made from treated wood or hardwood are easy to paint or stain and this makes them easy to maintain. Plastic tends to fade and metal will tarnish. Terra-cotta, or concrete boxes are aesthetically pleasing, but are harder work with.
It’s been my experience a can of insulation foam will fill a lot of area inside the boxes to reduce weight. It looks like the bottom is more narrow than the top from the front. And that the side, although I only see angled photos, looks like it’s square except for the front, that looks to be further out on the top than the bottom. Sometimes when you can’t manage the upkeep you can just settle for some beautiful fake flowers.

Meanwhile, Lucas attached the brackets that came with the planter. We positioned them right underneath the window, and the brackets were secured to the stucco with two concrete anchors. Our professional, insured staff can provide you with personalized service to help maximize your home’s curb appeal. And once your windows are installed, we will help keep you cozy for years to come. For over 40 years, we at WindowRama have helped Tri-State area homeowners maximize the comfort of their homes. If your windows are functioning properly, we help you enhance their beauty. And if they stop working, we are here to help you repair, replace or reimagine them.
If you decided on using a French cleat, this would be the time to install the cleat to the rear of the box. I also added some 16-gauge stainless steel nails to the mitered joints.

Clamp the two ends onto the bottom and pre-drill 3/32'' pilot holes for the fasteners. Secure the ends to the bottom with 6d galvanized finishing nails.
Once my wood was cut to size, I screwed each of the 5 pieces together to where they formed a window box. I built my window boxes to fit the ‘windows’ of my chicken coop. They are covered in chicken wire and framed out with slabs.
When it comes to quintessential curb appeal, nothing wows quite like the freshness of cedar planters spilling over with brilliant florals and greenery. So, it's no wonder that many a proud homeowner begin their exterior improvements right here.

Make sure to sand down the wood filler once you have applied. Then, I filled the boxes with a potting-soil mix made specifically for containers. �I used two coats of exterior-grade primer and three coats of acrylic latex to paint my clear pine boxes, but I would have stained them if I had used red cedar or redwood. �When driving a screw close to the end of a board, stay within 3 inches or so, and be sure to drill 1/8-inch-diameter screw-pilot holes to prevent the wood from splitting. POP Projects is a collection of new and classic projects from more than a century of Popular Mechanics. Master skills, get tool recommendations, and, most importantly, build something of your very own. These added so much character and beauty to the side of your house.
To fix your window box with brackets, you will need a masonry drill bit, to protect your brick. Watch this handy step-by-step guide that demonstrates how to drill the holes and attach the brackets. If you can't find a plastic liner to fit your window box, apply a layer of roofing compound to the inside of the window box with a wide putty knife. This will prevent the soil from rotting the wood. Measure the window where you want to place your window box to determine the length of the box. Lastly, take the amount of sunlight the window receives into consideration before you choose a window box. If the window receives direct sunlight all day, you will not want a metal or dark colored window box.

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