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Easy Way to Maintain the Industry's Standard of Cleanliness

Whether you’re new to managing a commercial laundry service or a seasoned professional, we could all use a quick review of the dos and don’ts of the industry. Maintaining your machinery is essential, so it’s important to do all that you can to ensure that you’re doing everything possible to prevent unnecessary breaks. Upholding industry standards for cleanliness and operation is the best way to keep your laundry equipment parts in great shape. By following these simple rules, you’ll be able to keep your machines running for longer while keeping your workflow efficient.

Fill the Machine Properly

Linens need to move around your machines in order to wash and dry effectively. Overloading your washer doesn’t leave enough room for your linens to interact properly with your soap. Overloading your dryer forces it to work harder to dry your load. Oversized wash loads may require more than one wash or dry cycle, which can wear out your industrial laundry equipment parts more quickly. For the best recommendation on a wash load, your machine can take, look to your user manual or talk to your equipment provider.

Clean Your Equipment Regularly

Over time, your equipment can develop unpleasant smells due to mildew or other bacteria. If this isn’t taken care of, these smells can make their way onto your linens. Incorporate a cleaning schedule into your daily work routine and give your laundry equipment parts a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning your dryer is also important. Dryers can collect lint and other debris that can be hazardous if not cleaned often. Though dryers come equipped with lint collectors, failing to clear them of their contents can lead to lint build-up within the chassis of the dryer itself. Excess lint is dangerous — it traps excess heat inside of the drum, damaging your linens. Enough lint build-up can even lead to fires. Be sure to clear your lint collectors after every load and remove any debris from any other industrial dryer parts.

Balance Your Loads

Failing to keep loads balanced is a common mistake among novice launderers. Think about your washing machine at home; have you ever added a heavy jacket to a load comprised mainly of light garments? If the jacket is heavier than the rest of the items, it can cause the washing machine to wobble. This unwanted scenario can happen with an industrial machine. Pairing lighter items with heavier items in a wash can cause your industrial machine to rock. That’s bad news for laundry equipment parts like the inner wall and bearings of your washing machine, as well as your flooring. Wash all like items together to avoid unnecessary stress on your machines.

Do you have questions on how to care for your commercial laundry equipment parts? Contact CLM today for more information, or to order parts for your industrial laundry equipment.

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