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Increasing sales with IT support

The IT team can be more important to sales than most people realize. This is because the area can bring important and fundamental information for the growth of a business.

Even citing this, many people still don't believe it. Therefore, we have listed good reasons for you to get attached to this idea!

Effective sales increase

A study carried out by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation pointed out that for every 1% allocated to the IT team, there is an increase in the company's profit by up to 7% in two years.

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Easy sales information

The salespeople in your business need to have detailed information on the product you sell and updates on the portfolio to be worked on. For example, in a carpet company it is necessary for the employee to know what the piece is made of, how many items are available for sale, among other information. Where to find this easily? In a powerful system that can be developed by the IT team to meet all the needs of the employee and streamline the process of their work.

Ease of updating data for sellers

Imagine every time you change a product's information, you have to send an email to everyone? Certainly, salespeople will not keep all these changes, but if it is changed in the system at the time of sale, it will be much easier and more practical to consult. The IT team can organize these considerations and prepare a special program for these changes.

Know what sells

Spreadsheets are very cool, but they are not always efficient in accounting for what was sold in the company. After all, doing everything by hand, in addition to being time consuming, may not be as productive and increases the chance of error. With a system, at the touch of a button, it is possible to know what was sold in one day or what did not leave the company. In this way, the entrepreneur can improve his investment and make the purchases for his business correctly.

Approaching the consumer

The salesperson does not always have time to call or pay attention to customers on a daily basis, however, the company can constantly talk to its customer. An example is using CRM (Customer Relationship Manager or Customer Relationship Management) - this system can help in sending material on birthdays or promotions. Or, even, to understand when the customer last visited the company or looked for your business. The tool is very comprehensive, and has precise features to increase sales. All of this can be customized by the IT team, which is a great aggregator in terms of selling products and services.

IT support technicians play a vital role in enterprise computing and networking environments. This educated professional identifies and resolves technical issues in an enterprise setting. 

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