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7 Types of Earrings Every Woman Should Know!

7 Types of Earrings Every Woman Should Know!

How often have you rehashed your attempted and-worn-n-number-of-times gold stud hoop with each outfit? We, ladies, frequently miss refreshing our gold studs, while the remainder of our outfit gets a revive each day! Perhaps the most ideal approaches to amp up your look could really be by adding another silver hoop type with your OOTD.

Do you know what number of sorts of silver hoops are there that can really elevate your look? Have you discovered the stud styles that go with your LBDs? Or then again the different kinds of studs that function admirably with your officewear?

We educate you concerning all stud types that can advance toward your adornments box – for each outfit and each financial plan! These eight sorts of hoops with pictures are the guide you have been searching for!


These are the sorts of little silver studs you need for consistently wear. They have a solitary plan unit with no hanging component.

Various kinds of ear studs range from basic stud type hoops in silver with gold plated, stud studs with precious stones to the bright polish on silver stud studs. There are additionally different sorts of stud hoops in gemstones like blue topaz, lapiz and white sapphire that can add more tone to your look. In the event that you are a pearl sort of individual, basic pearl stud hoops in silver can add that tasteful touch to your regular outfits. These hoops are practical and you can without much of a stretch discover popular stud plans in silver, in your financial plan as well. This is one straightforward stud style that each lady should possess.

Style Tip:

These stud type hoops function admirably with any look – with your denim and strong tees, your exercise center wear and even your coat days.


As the name recommends, these hoops have single or various parts hanging (typically a short hang) and the top segment is associated with either a snare or a post. Investigate the numerous kinds of drop hoops in these photos.

Style Tip:

Contemporary drop earrings are a definitive style staples for your marginally dressy days when you need to stand apart yet not actually get everyone's eyes on you! These are negligible, lightweight long earrings that you can wear to your office parties, a day out with best buds or a get-together.

When investigating drop studs on Mohmaya, you can browse such countless sorts of pearl drop hoops, plain gold drop studs and jewel drop studs!


While these are like drops, they are longer hoops with the hanging components! There are a wide range of decoration hoops, single strand long studs, silver earrings with stones, jewel encrusted hang hoops and gemstone shoulder dusters that are ideal for quite a long time when you need to go a little OTT.

While shoulder dusters generally brush against your shoulders, on Mohmaya, similar to everything basic and sleek, our shoulder dusters surpass in excess of 50 mm length yet are not clearly long.

Style Tip:

These long hang hoops and shoulder dusters are your go-to for a clubbing night, a mixed drink party or even a closest companion's single girl. Pair them with your bodycon dresses, outfits or a silky off-shoulder number for a dazzling impact.


A ton of ladies search for those ring type studs in silver and we state 'simply band it'. Bands are enormous roundabout or oval molded studs that don't contact your ear cartilage.

Such countless various kinds of band hoops.. such brief period to pick! The best sorts of loop hoops are those that are…

negligible to go with your regular wear and not seem as though a plan from a legacy site

not customary, with the goal that they coordinate the style of your western outfits

fit in your spending plan, so you can purchase different plans to revive your look

Style Tip:

Circles go with all the fixings – from your dungarees to your dresses. Pair them with your easygoing, formal and partywear on the grounds that they will fit right in.


These are half circles that frames a J or a C shape when seen from the side, henceforth the name J Type Earrings.

Style Tip:

These energetic kinds of stud styles, J-Hoops are an incredible expansion to combine with your maxi dresses and jumpsuits.


Simply the sort of hoops you can snooze! Like the name proposes, these little ring type hoops embrace your ears. They are more modest variants of bands that fit cozily around your ear cartilage.

Huggies make an extraordinary expansion for consistently comfort, particularly on the off chance that you have different ear piercings. Huggie loop hoops come in numerous styles – silver, gold, jewels, veneer on gold and gemstones. These ideal pair of hoops can undoubtedly turn into your consistently top choice.

Style Tip:

Pair huggie studs with your yield tops, boat neck dresses and fold over skirts for an easygoing vibe or style them with your white shirt and pin striped pant look. Either ways, they keep your look downplayed.

#7 Traditional Jhumkas

For a ton of ladies who are searching for another sort of traditional earrings for wedding, jhumkas settle on an incredible decision. jhumka are studs that investigates gold platting and multi stone planning, which goes with any clothing whether it is lehengas sari are palazzo.

You may call them kinds of clasp on studs yet when made in silver earrings for women, they offer a fine completion to your look, which outfit adornments scarcely can.

There are a wide range of hoops however what sorts of studs to purchase relies upon your way of life, closet fit and spending plan.

It's a smart thought to have one of every stud style in your gems box to revive your look all the more regularly. Search for insignificant and current plans of

pure silver earrings online that can work out positively for all your western dresses. What's more, indeed, negligible would likewise mean more moderate, which would make it workable for you to pick many.

Visit wesite to investigate more your style and outfit.

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