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5 Reasons why Stem Cell Treatment is better than Orthopedic Surgery

Chronic, debilitating pain in the knee, hip, shoulder, or back affects millions of Americans and other people around the world. As a result, an increasing number of surgical procedures are being performed, with total knee and hip replacements being the most common ones.

Fortunately, surgery is not the only solution. Before you say yes to a joint replacement, it’s a good idea to understand and explore how stem cell treatment might be a better option for you!

Surgery doesn’t guarantee pain relief

Many people feel total knee replacement is a guarantee of arthritic knee pain relief. However, reviews indicate that a third of all these patients continue experiencing chronic knee pain even after surgery! For hip replacement, the numbers are even higher. On the other hand, there is enough evidence that stem cell treatments relieve joint pain in the long term.

Stem cell treatment is less invasive

Any surgery is potentially risky. Even arthroscopic surgery requires cutting into the diseased joint replacing natural joint components with an implant. In addition, recovery from surgery is a slow, difficult process, and you need a long rehabilitation period to fully regain your mobility.

On the other hand, stem cell injections help to naturally regenerate and renew your tissues, rather than cut and replace them with artificial implants. Stem cells allow the body to heal itself instead of simply managing the damage and symptoms that surgery tries to do.

Stem cell treatment poses fewer risks and complications

Surgery is often associated with a large number of risks and complications. Cutting into the joint puts it at risk of infections. There is also the risk of other infections, such as pneumonia.

While removing various structures, the surgical procedure may inadvertently damage a blood vessel or nerve which can lead to more problems. A serious complication after orthopedic surgery is DVT (deep vein thrombosis). It refers to blood clotsin the veins of your legs that can travel anywhere in the body. If they reach the lungs, they can block blood flow to the lungs causing chest pain, breathlessness, and even death.

On the other hand, stem cell injections do not pose any such risk.

Stem cell treatments keep your options open

No form of treatment is a guarantee of relief. While surgery closes the door to all other treatment options, stem cell treatments keep that open. If a stem cell injection fails to relieve pain, you can get another stem cell injection or any other treatment option. Ideally, you should try stem cell therapy first before you consider other treatment options.

Stem cell treatments are more cost-effective

If you consider the cost of hospitalization, pain medication, cost of rehabilitation, long recovery period and missing work, surgery works out to be way more expensive than stem cell treatments. They may seem expensive upfront but when you factor in all those costs, stem cell treatments prove more cost effective in the long term.

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