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How to add links to Instagram Stories

Today, Instagram has gained popularity rapidly. With its increasing number of users, Instagram has introduced new and unique techniques for its users. With every passing day, people are asking the same question frequently. How can one share the link to Instagram Story?

You should have tried several times, but you failed. Right? Yes, this happens to me too. Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide access to this feature to every user. There are certain limitations that you need to take care of.

Adding a link can help spice up your Instagram stories. This technique is quite useful for media associations, influencers, and bloggers. You can add links to your Stories very conveniently.

This will not only involve your followers in your story but also attract the visitors and trigger them to visit the respective website. Experts consider it a good technique to engage your followers.


Below are the conditions that make you applicable for adding links to your stories.

  1. You should have over 10,000 followers.
  2. Being a public influencer or a brand representative, your account should be verified.

If you have succeeded in getting the required number of followers then hurry up! Read the below-mentioned guideline and start adding a link to your Instagram Stories.

In case you are qualified to add a link to the Instagram Story, ensure that if it works or not. Stories usually vanish within the next 24 hours, yet if you need the story to stay longer add it into the highlights.

For those prepared to add a link to their Story, here comes the proper steps that will guide you side by side.


Following are the steps that need to be followed for adding swipe up link into your story.

  • Fulfill all the requirements for being eligible to add the swipe-up link.Before adding the link, you need to see if you meet all the requirements for adding a swipe up link to your story. If you do so, let’s start!
  • Click to add a story on Instagram. Open your Instagram app and click on the option for posting a new story on Instagram.
  • Select an image or video from the gallery or capture one at the same time to upload it on the story. There must be an icon at the top right corner that looks similar to that of a chain. Tap on it!
  • Once you are done choosing the right icon, some more options tend to appear on your screen. Some of them will be +IGTV video and +URL. For adding the link, you need to select the +URL option.
  • An empty box will come in front of you. You need to paste that respective link into this box. When you have pasted the link, simply click on the option “Done”.
  • Now your Instagram Story is ready to be posted. Tap on the + Story button and which is present at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Congrats! You are done with posting a link to your story. The story appears on the feed with a swipe up the link for your followers.


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Enjoy using Instagram now! Many innovative and new Instagram features are waiting for you.

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