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4 Native American Art Jewelry Styles You Should Try

Be it a gift for a loved one or shopping for yourselves, the timeless pieces of jewelry and accessories never fails to bring happiness. The earth stones, designs, and materials used in Native American art jewelry give an essence of nature- sky, sand, and purity. Moreover, the symbolism and sterling silver make these pieces are considered as an epitome of beauty by those who wear them. Shopping for jewelry can be time-consuming, given that there are tons of combinations available in different beautiful colors sizes from small to large, detailing, and connection to nature.
Let’s see how native American art jewelry can be styled in ways that would not only look good on you but also catch the eye of all those around you.


Generally, rings have gorgeous turquoise, onyx, coral, and other types of stones. No matter what, rings, depending upon the style and color, can be paired well with ample outfits you can think of. Many people even prefer smaller rings that have a hint of gold and sterling silver depicting symbolism through its intricate details instead of the stones. You can choose from variants of shapes like oval or customized, and get the bold and classy look you’re aiming for.


Pendants or neckpieces can never go wrong when it comes to styling. Fashion statement? These Native American designed neckpieces will not only enhance the look of your outfit but also embrace the beauty of your facial features. From multi stone pendants to detailing in designs, everything will make your whole “outfit of the day” marvelous. More so, the symbolism expressed through these pieces is loved by many across the globe.


Just like rings, earrings have their own style statement and charm. They consist of colorful stones that are sure to catch many people’s attention. However, they don’t have those always. At times, you’ll also witness sterling silver with details displaying symbolism. Know what resonates and suits your preferences the best. Earrings add a pop of colors and make a bold statement whenever appropriately combined with the right outfits. You can experiment with these jewelry pieces with dresses that are-traditional, ethnic, western, or even semi-western.

Cuff Bracelets

There’s no denying that cuff bracelets are lovely. They have enough space for as many stones ranging in different styles, sizes, colors, and materials. If you’re a fan of stones, this one may be a good choice for you. In Native American art jewelry you will find designs in bracelets that you won’t find anywhere else.

When it comes to jewelry there’s so much to choose from. Make your shopping experience easier and more interesting with Native American Indian jewelry online from Navajo Artists. The wide range of designs is sure to blow your mind. Get the perfect jewelry for your loved one or yourself, as it is always considered to be a meaningful gift that will stay for a lifetime. Overall, the intricate designs that bring back the essence of nature are a must to try on. 

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