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Microsoft launches two new cloud services for better data utilization

In line with competitors Amazon and Snowflake in a growing market for cloud-based tools, Microsoft has launched two new analytics services.

Last Thursday (3), the technology giant announced its Azure Synapse Analytics tool and also a preview of a new product called Purview, which aims to help companies keep up with data security and compliance needs.

Azure Synapse Analytics is, according to the company, an unlimited analytics service that brings together data integration, corporate data storage and Big Data analytics in a single service.

With 'Synapse', organizations can run the full range of analytics projects and put data to work much faster, more productively and securely, generating insights from all data sources, says the company.

The solution combines resources that cover the needs of data engineering, machine learning and BI without creating silos in processes and tools. Companies like Walgreens, Myntra and P&G already use the product, which is now available globally by Microsoft.

According to publication of Bloomberg , the ABN Amro Bank NV is using the Synapse to find out which financial services products are more suitable for which clients, and Wolters Kluwer NV, which develops medical software, built an artificial intelligence system it better predicts which patients will have a rapidly spreading hospital infection.

Still according to the publication, many customers are unable to effectively use data generated from a variety of different programs and devices, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told customers at a virtual event held on Thursday.

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