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IPN 8710 Finishing Steel Pipe For Potable Water

IPN8710 consists of polyurethane material and modified epoxy resin and asphalt, anti-rust pigments as well as ingredients such as grinding accuracy purification and become a brand-new kind of anticorrosive coverings with Interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) framework. It is identified by non-toxic, low viscosity, high strength, outstanding resistance to abrasion, hydrolysis and corrosion. IPN8710 anticorrosive finish is suitable for buried pipe in the alcohol consumption water container, water tower, beer can, water system pipe of petrochemical, petroleum, offshore platform, ship, water conservancy, local engineering, metallurgy and also various other markets, additionally utilized for fuel oil, fuel and other metal containers, concrete container interior covering finish.

IPN 8710 Covering Steel Pipeline Product:

GB Q235B, JIS SS400B, ASTM Gr.65, IOS E235B, EN S235JR

IPN 8710 Coating Steel Pipe Handling:

1. Surface area therapy of steel pipe: Sand blasting and also corrosion elimination externally of steel tube got to Sa2.5 level, as well as the Profile gauge was about 30 um. The treated surface area must be keyed within 1 day.

2. Finishing: The coating of group An and group B shall be set up according to the proportion of weight A: B= 11:1 before use. The ended up coating should be used up within 5 hours.

3. Paint process: Common splashing, high-pressure airless splashing, painting brush as well as other procedures can be made use of for construction. The following coating needs to be applied after the previous one has dried. Special diluent dilution can be utilized when thickness is as well big.

Referred Specifications For Anti-Corrosion Layer Steel Pipeline:

AWWA C203: Coal-Tar Enamel Cellular Lining for Steel Water Pipelines

AWWA C205: Concrete-- Mortar Safety Lining and Covering for Steel Water Pipe 4 In. (100 mm) and Larger-- Store Applied.

AWWA C210: Liquid-Epoxy Finishing System for the Exterior And Interior of Steel Water Pipelines.

AWWA C213: Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Covering for the Exterior And Interior of Steel Water Pipelines.

AWWA C222: Polyurethane Coatings for the Exterior And Interior of Steel Water Pipe and also Fittings.

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