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4 Recommendations When Purchasing Used Construction Equipment

As a leading provider of used heavy equipment for sale in Texas, MY Equipment has developed a reputation among buyers for our service and equipment industry knowledge.  If you have been thinking of buying used construction equipment for your next job, we have several recommendations for items to consider.  Determine both your short-term, intermediate, and long-term business goals and objectives.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the right piece to fit your needs and there is a multitude of options available, so we have come up with some helpful tips that every buyer should think about before making such a major business decision.

Applications and Usage

Each type of heavy equipment has been manufactured to accomplish specific tasks.  Whereas a motor grader may have been developed to create a smooth surface on which to lay down asphalt for a road, an excavator typically is used to dig through dirt, gravel, and other materials.  Backhoes, wheel loaders, dozers, and other types of machines also each have their own unique function and capabilities.  Each different type of construction equipment is productive and efficient for particular types of work and specific jobs.  Taking this into consideration, when you are searching for a piece of machinery to add to your current stock, it is best to determine the role it is needed for and the type of work that needs to be completed to best decide what type of equipment you might be lacking to accomplish that task and which to choose to best improve your company’s production and profitability.

Size of Equipment

Not only do you need to decide what type of equipment that is needed to complete a job, but you also must determine the appropriate size of equipment.  If you purchase equipment that is too small or not powerful enough, then it could prevent you from being able to complete the work or at least create severe inefficiencies and cause the job to take longer than necessary.  On the other hand, if you choose equipment that is too large, it could lead to higher operating costs and wasteful spending.  Related to this point, understand the space in which the operator will be working and the space needed to comfortably operate a certain machine.  If needed, consult with an equipment expert if you have any questions or concerns.

Working Conditions

One must be aware of worksite conditions as well in order to determine the appropriate equipment that is best able to be operated on the terrain.  Is the ground on which the machine will be operating paved?  If so, you would likely want a piece of equipment with wheels.  On the other hand, if you are working in muddy conditions then you probably require a machine with tracks.  Also, think about the climate in the area where you are working.  You might need a machine with an enclosed cab for more harsh weather and environments.  Think of the work environment to determine the features needed to best suit your needs.


Machine attachments can add versatility to a piece of equipment and allow it to be more efficient in accomplishing tasks.  Buyers should be aware of what attachments fit the equipment that they are purchasing as well as their uses.  For example, if working in snowy conditions, one might want a machine to which a snow blade can be attached.  Additionally, think about the future and what attachments might be needed to complete projects down the road.

In conclusion, although an industrial equipment supplier is easy to find, what differentiates MY Equipment from others in the construction equipment industry is our ability to listen to our customers and help them achieve their goals.  We strive to create great customer service and provide the advice needed to accomplish your business objectives.  We hope that the tips regarding what to consider when purchasing used heavy equipment has helped you make the best decision for your company, but if you have any other questions or require additional assistance do not hesitate to ask us for help as we are here to serve your needs.



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