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Six Signs Your Car May Need Transmission Service

When you first purchase a new vehicle, you don't usually think about getting certain things serviced. Your transmission is something that can easily be overlooked. After all, as long as it's working fine, you rarely think about it. However, given that the transmission is what makes your car move in the first place, it's important to recognize the signs you may need transmission service, so schedule your car service in Gladstone today.

#1: Clunky Shifting

Your transmission should allow you to shift smoothly. If your transmission is failing, though, it may become harder to shift, which could be accompanied by a clunking sound. It might even take a few tries before it shifts into gear. Your vehicle may even jerk forward and stall like it did when you were first learning to drive!

#2: Hesitation

Another sign of a failing transmission is if your car hesitates before shifting into drive after having been in park. If it takes a few seconds for your car to move forward after you shift into drive, even if you're pressing on the gas pedal, you have a transmission problem. This hesitation can occur when you shift into any gear, but it most often occurs during the shift from park to drive.

#3: Slipping Gears

Sometimes, when you have a problem with your transmission, you find yourself driving along in one gear when the car suddenly slips into another gear. For example, you could be cruising in fifth when your car suddenly decides to shift into neutral. This is a very serious problem and could potentially be dangerous, especially if you're travelling during rush hour. Your car could decelerate quickly and even stall, which could easily result in an accident. If you notice this happening even once, get it checked out, fast.

#4: Burnt Smell

You never want to smell something burning while you're driving your car, so even if the smell is not coming from your transmission, you still need to have the odour checked out. The smell could be the result of increased friction between gears due to low fluid or burning transmission fluid that is leaking onto hot engine parts. Either situation is critical and should be addressed by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

#5: Whining or Grinding Sounds

As with a burnt smell, strange sounds coming from your car's engine compartment are never a good sign. Whining or grinding sounds could mean that you're running low on transmission fluid and the gears are grinding metal-on-metal. There could be other issues as well, including worn or loose parts, but in any event, the source of the sounds needs to be determined by a mechanic so a repair can be made.

#6: Leaking Fluid

If you see a puddle of red or brownish fluid under your car, you may have a transmission fluid leak, either in the transmission itself or in the transmission hose. You do not want your fluid to run low, as this will cause even more damage to your gears. Get your car in for an inspection right away to diagnose and repair your vehicle's transmission issue.

These signs can all indicate a problem with your transmission, but they can also be symptoms of other component failures. The only way to know for sure is to have your car inspected and diagnosed by a qualified technician or mechanic.

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