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Looking for Best IVF Doctor in Noida

Dr. Mona Dahiya has a chain of fertility clinics in Noida, Delhi & Gurgaon and is rated as the Best IVF Doctor in Noida. She is an infertility expert with an experience of over 20 both in India and across the world. Dr. Mona has been a torchbearer of infertility treatment in India through her priceless contributions in more than 500 Infertility Publications and research papers in National and International journals. She is one of the first fertility doctors in India who brought the following 5 breakthrough concepts to increase the chances of infertility for couples having infertility problems.

  1. EGG FREEZING: for working women who wish to bear a Child at a Later age.
  2. OVULATION TESTS: to calculate the Quality of Eggs to decide IUI or IVF.
  3. LASER ASSISTED HATCHING: To make it easier for embryos to Hatch.
  4. PRE-IMPLANTATION GENETIC TESTING: to identify genetic defects in IVF.
  5. IVF WITH LOW AMH: Especially for women seeking IVF at 40 years of age.

Dr Mona Dahiya is rated among the Best IVF Doctors in India and is a world-renowned Infertility Expert with unmatched Qualifications from India and Abroad.

  • IVF Fellowship from Singapore General Hospital, Singapore.
  • M.D and Residency from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi University.
  • MBBS from Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi University.

It's very rare for Doctors to have such an Ivy League pedigree of qualifications. Combined with their rich experience and inspiring qualifications, she has done over 3000 IVF cycles at a success rate of over 70%. Dr. Mona Dahiya is based out of Noida and is certainly the Best IVF doctor in Noida for men and women who want to consult the best IVF doctor in Noida for male and female infertility problems.

There are many infertility treatment options like Minimal Stimulation IVF, IUI, or Regular IVF treatment but the most important aspect is to diagnose the reasons for infertility. There is a lot of confusing content available on the internet and most of it is promotional and hence Dr. Mona Dahiya is sharing a few simple facts about the What of Infertility.


IVF in simple terms is about extracting the Good quality eggs from the ovaries of a woman and then fertilizing them with male sperm in a Laboratory to create Embryos. The extraction of the Eggs is done through a thin needle and the Male sperm are collected through self-ejaculation. The Fertilized Embryos are then implanted back in a Woman's ovaries.


Male infertility is caused by low sperm production or lack of sperm production. Following are the 2 key causes of male infertility.

  1. DISORDERS IN HORMONES: The Pituitary and hypothalamus glands produce hormones for testicular function. Production of too much prolactin impairs the function leading to low or no sperm production.
  2. DISORDER IN GENES: Genetic disorders like Y-chromosome microdeletion Klinefelter’s syndrome and myotonic dystrophy, and other lead to little or no sperm production in Men.


Female infertility is caused by issues related to Ovulation or Ovarian reserve. Following are the 2 Key causes of Female infertility.

  1. OVULATION DISORDERS: PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a condition that causes women to ovulate irregularly or not ovulate at all. PCOS is the most common cause of female infertility in India.
  2. LOW OVARIAN RESERVE: A woman’s egg count decreases over time and Low ovarian reserve is a condition when the Egg Count is lower than normal. Women with low ovarian reserve produce few eggs is the second biggest cause.

That brings us to the key question that when should married couples who are unable to conceive consult at Best IVF Clinic in Noida. Dr. Mona Dahiya of Littleangelivf explains it in simple words so that all couples searching for IVF doctors in Noida can benefit.


Although Infertility is related to both Male and Female infertility, a key determinant is the age of a woman who is trying to conceive naturally through unprotected sex with her male partner.

  1. WOMEN BELOW 35 YEARS OF AGE: If a Woman below the age of 35 is unable to conceive naturally after 6 Months of Unprotected Sexual Intercourse.
  2. WOMEN ABOVE 35 YEARS OF AGE: If a Woman above the age of 35 is unable to conceive naturally after 12 Months of Unprotected Sexual Intercourse.

According to Dr Mona Dahiya Couples should consult an infertility doctor in Noida if they are facing the following three problems while attempting to get pregnant.


Good news for couples struggling with infertility problems in Noida as they can avail world-class infertility treatment in Noida, Greater Noida, Noida Extension, Indirapuram, and Ghaziabad at 3 IVF centres in Noida. Schedule an appointment with the Best IVF doctor in Noida and start your family.

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