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Singer Casheem Peart Releases New Song "Fully W21" On Youtube

KINGSTON, JAMAICA, JANUARY 28, 2020 - Popular Reggae singer Casheem Peart has released a new song called "Fully W21" on his YouTube channel — NineStarW21VEVO. Back to the forefront after giving a string of hits, Casheem Peart has released this new song that is already becoming more and more popular with fans and lovers of Reggae music. According to sources, the "Free My Soul" singer has been receiving rave reviews for his latest performance, with many comparing him to the iconic Reggae singer, Busta Rhy.

Casheem Peart, who hails from Kingston, Jamaica, is highly popular not just in his home country but across the world of music. Having come from a family of humble background, Casheem has had an affinity towards music from a very young age. In 2020, he started his YouTube channel called NineStarW21VEVO. With the pandemic raging on, he decided that he would contribute to bringing peace, healing and unity in the world through music.

"NineStarW21VEVO isn't just my channel. It's my gateway to what I find the most enthralling in the world — Reggae music. I knew growing up that one day I'd be a star. But never did I think that fans would love me so much and give me so much love in such a short time! It started with Bad An Brawlin, Tears Of Joy, Enjoy We Life, Dream Life and now Fully W21. It has been just a week and the reviews for the song have already been excellent. I'm glad my music makes a difference in people's lives apart from plain entertainment. I intend to keep doing so all my life. If you haven't yet, go check out Fully W21 on NineStarW21VEVO YouTube channel today".


Casheem Peart is a popular Reggae singer who hails from Kingston, Jamaica.


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