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Did you miss the 1FX Pre IEO Sale? Fret not! 1FX IEO Pre Launch Started

Hey, did you miss the 1FX Pre IEO Sale? Fret not! 1FX IEO Pre Launch will start from February 1, 2021.

Yes, you heard it right, 1FX, the project that is on the way to bringing the revolution in the Forex market is giving one more opportunity to all the interested people to buy 1FX coin in IEO Pre Launch at the unbelievable value of --content--.40. 

What is 1FX?

1FX will effectively eliminate the mediators like financial institutions and 3rd party payment websites from the overseas money transfer process for FOREX Trading, It will also reduce the risk of brokers and traders by providing liquidities, opportunities and boosting the transaction process in the FOREX Market. 

1FX team is also partnering with more and more brokers and soon the project will make the transaction quicker, faster, instant and anonymous. The 1FX will bring financial liquidity into FO)REX market and it will also allow users to convert between 1FX Coin to Fiat currency and vice-versa hassle-free.

What if I missed 1FX Pre IEO Sale?

IEO PRE SALE was scheduled from January 26 to January 31, 2021, at a price of --content--.20. However, if you missed the Pre IEO sale then Fret not, there is still a chance to seize the opportunity.

1FX Coin IEO Pre Launch will start from February 01, 2021, and it will end on February 14, 2021, and the IEO Price is --content--.40, so don’t miss the chance this time again and invest in 1FX. One thing we would like to mention here is that there is a limited supply of 600 million 1FX Coins, thus it will create demand escalation due to scarcity projected after a year due to low supply and 24 hours high usage of Coin trading, deposits, and withdrawals in FOREX trading.


More details about the coin sale event and coin price is given below: 



IEO Price


January 26th to January 31st



February 1st to February 14th



March 15th to March 31st



May 15th to May 31st



July 15th to July 31st


It is clearly observable that the longer you wait, the more the coin price will increase. So, hurry up and invest in this futuristic and profitable project now. 

Coin and Distribution details

If you are interested in this project here is the coin and its distribution details:

  • Name: 1FX Coin

  • Total Token Supply: 600,000,000

  • IEO Coin Sale: 300,000,000

  • Blockchain Technology: Ethereum ERC-20

1FX Coin Distribution

  • IEO Coin Sale: 50%

  • Partners:20%

  • Development and liquidity:10%

  • Reserves for the company:5%

  • Marketing & Sales: 5%

  • Reserves for Networkers: 5%

  • Bounty: 5%

How to buy 1FX Coin?

On a project that is profitable and having such a long list of benefits, Who wouldn't want to invest? So if you are interested you can purchase coins from 1FX.ux, UNISWAP, or even from HoneySwap. Currently, in pre-launch, the 1FX Coin price is --content--.40 only and the process is really smooth.

Later it will be launched on BINANCE, KYBER SECURITY, KuCoin, Zapper, WazirX, etc, but the price will be higher due to the limited supply.

For more details about the project and the procedures, you can visit our website at, check our whitepaper and you can also contact us directly. 

1FX is on the way to bringing a revolutionary change in the Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Market. The project comes with numerous benefits such as No Taxes, No Mediators, User’s Anonymity,  Financial Liquidity, 24x7 instant deposit and withdrawal, Lowest Transaction Fees, secure international transaction, Higher Returns, and many more. So, hurry up and be a part of this really profitable project now by investing in 1FX.


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