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Upcyclers Lab Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Green Guardians

Upcyclers Lab has continued in the pursuit of their goal of making sustainability fun with the launch of Green Guardians. In a similar vein, the enterprise recently launched its first-ever International Kickstarter campaignforthe puzzle and storybook for children 3+ on water and energy conservation.The project is coming after Upcyclers Lab completed the Green school programmes for the Kuwait Environment Protection Society and ALBA waste management solutions in Singapore.

There has been an increasing call for solutions to help reduce the rapid advance of climate change across the globe and save planet Earth from its devastating long-term effects. Some of the effects include freshwater depletion, unclean energy, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, as well as the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic that has wreaked a lot of havoc worldwide. While the current generation is a major part of the problem, they were never formally introduced to the planet’s problems and ways to keep it healthy and clean. Unfortunately, this trend seems to have continued, which is where Upcycler’s Lab is looking to make a difference with their products.

Upcycler’s Lab products are designed to help children understand and develop important environmental concepts through interactive and fun learning tools such as flashcards, puzzles, and

board games. The company aims to “catch them young,” especially as research has shown that most human behavior is developed at an early stage. According to a Brown University study, routines and habits in children, including household chores and responsibilities, are unlikely to vary after the age of 9. Studies also reveal that the children of today are influencers in their home, consequently impacting behavior of future consumers and the entire household.

Upcycler’s Lab aims to bring more children into the exclusive club of Eco-conscious warriors and help raise the next environmentally conscious and aware generations who will be the future leaders.

In the famous words of the original Green Guardian Greta Thunberg “The eyes of all future generations are upon you”

For more information about Green Guardians and how to enjoy the early-bird discounts and offers, sign up here.

Other products from Upcycler’s Lab can also be found here -, even as the cleaner environment discussion continues on Facebookand Instagram


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