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Ultimate B2B Inbound Marketing Strategy for 2021

For the past half a decade, marketing has become a popular keyword in the world of digital marketing, both for B2B and B2C businesses. However, many marketers and business owners still often misread inbound marketing for something else, so execution may not be as effective as desired.

So what precisely inbound digital marketing?

To truly define the concept of marketing, we must first see the traditional marketing concept that we now understand as 'outbound' marketing. Traditional marketing efforts such as advertising, advertising boards that we see on the side of the road, under the activation of the line, and so on, is about achieving as many people as possible with our promotional messages. In short, we pushed our notice 'out.'

However, there are significant problems with traditional marketing in this social media digital era: people now have more choices and are now more resistant to advertising. Not to mention, advertising blockers are now everywhere, and various platforms even offer their users the ability to remove ads through premium membership or other ways.

Traditional marketing also interrupts what users do - whether watching shows/movies, exploring websites or others-to create negative perceptions for users and may hurt conversion opportunities.


This is where marketing enters.

The main idea of ​​marketing entry, contrary to traditional marketing, 'out,' is attracting an attractive audience. This is mainly done by publishing our content out there and making it available through best SEO packages Dubai.

In such cases, the audience is proactively looking for content, searching for information or solutions for specific answers. So, marketing will not disrupt what the audience does and will not hurt their overall experience. This audience will consume your content and now know your brand and service/service. We can then build and maintain relationships with this audience until they are ready to buy.

Marketing can be divided into three core steps:

  • Attractive viewers: Digital Marketing is about attracting high-qualified excellence and potential customers with valuable, relevant, and social media conversations. We build our position as a credible source and are a possible solution for their problems.
  • Involve Audience: We start building relationships that we can provide solutions and insights to achieve their goals. We care for them as prospects until they are finally ready to buy.
  • Post-Purchase Care: Another significant difference between marketing out and entering is how marketing is also there must be after purchase, to maintain it as a loyal customer, and turn it into an advocate. Entry content and marketing must serve to provide support and assistance and to ensure they can achieve their goals with purchases.

 B2C vs. B2B inbound marketing


Although the main marketing principle is relatively the same for B2B and B2C businesses, Douxl Technology must remember that the B2B audience is different from their B2C colleagues.

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