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Precious Metal In Barcelona, Spain

Here you will find fabulous diamonds, but also gorgeous gems, pearls and watches, too. They offer a very personal and exclusive service, and that’s why they recommend to book an appointment with them before visiting the shop. So many different artists are featured in here, it's quite overwhelming! The jewelry is gorgeous, and it has something for every kind of taste, from whimsical and playful to baroque, gothic, blingy or minimalist. I decided I wanted to get something as a birthday treat, but it took me an hour to choose! The staff were very helpful, and opened cabinet after cabinet to let me try some things, while setting aside the pieces I was narrowing down.
Since 2007 I live in Barcelona where I have my own workshop/showroom and where I create my collections and I teach. The unique designs of Audar Barcelona captures the eye with three-tone handmade fashion jewelry. Two noble materials that demand a lot of dedication and patience in their workmanship. In combination with precious metals, but also organic materials, such as the ivory-like walnut, I create modern works of art. I create accessories from wood and pay great attention to the ecological sustainability of materials. NATURA accessories have everything you need to create a graceful image without additional effort.

To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. This VAWAA is available for a longer duration, up to 8 days. If interested in extending your time, just let us know by how many days and we will do our best to accommodate you. From lights strung between narrow alleyways to sunbathers soaking up the rays on Barceloneta Beach, it has a festive and fun atmosphere that few cities in the world can replicate.
SALES AND AUCTION BY KLIMT02 - The pieces that were not selected by galleries or museums will be on Sale and will take part on an Online Auction at In case the piece is sold - the total amount will be transferred to the artist - and JOYA will send the piece directly to the buyer once the exhibition is finished. PREVIEW FOR GALLERIES AND MUSEUMS – We will send the pictures of the pieces and information about the artists to galleries and museums, the pieces they will select will be reserve and not take part of the auction. In our store you will find jewels of boho, gypsy and tribal inspiration as special and unique as you are. We travel around the globe to find those pieces that best represent the free and adventurous spirit with which we identify.

Monom is a brand that manages to assert its strength with astute elegance and subtle refinement. We create architectures that once dressed, potentiate the exquisite contrast between geometry and the organic.
Even though it’s not quite hit the mainstream yet, Spain has a growing number of small businesses, online shops and local artisans that are prioritising sustainable practices (and make nice pieces too!). In particular we stock a range of inspirational necklaces / pendants from Andalucía in the south , and from Galicia in the north – especially Camino jewelry and in particular that featuring the Scallop shell and the St James cross . Almot all of this is 925 sterling silver because the Sanish have little interest in anything else – apart from gold and even that must be of a high purity (750 kilates – 18 carat plus). From bold, stylish and fashionable trends to classic collections, Facet Barcelona provides retailers with a wide range of items to suit the most discerning customers and value seekers alike. Drawing inspiration from fashionable trends, to iconic classical jewelry pieces, Facet Barcelona has prided itself on its ability to identify the jewelry industry’s needs and fill gaps in the market, willing to bring the jewelry company at its tops.

What is different, however, is the kind of client who walks through the door. Rodríguez is one of dozens of clients who come in here every day to sell jewelry. Many of them keep an eye on the price of gold, which exceeded ,800 per ounce on Friday, the highest spike since 2012. This is not the first time that Daniel Rodríguez has sold gold, but he has never before been in a situation where he has had no alternative. A 35-year-old from Madrid, Rodríguez’s family has not had any income for three months due to the coronavirus crisis, resorting instead to help from the San Juan de Mata parish in Alcorcón to feed his three children, aged 14, 10 and two. The money from his ex-girlfriend’s earring will be helpful, he says while keeping one eye on his puppy waiting obediently at the door.
"Even a teen who’s never been much for jewelry will appreciate these surfer-chic, stackable Pura Vida bracelets, which can be worn all the time and withstand vigorous activity." Pura Vida Bracelets provides full-time jobs to artisans worldwide, and donates millions to charity through products that give back.
I work with geometric shapes, combining straight lines and curves to generate volumes with the belief that one can’t live without the other, and that our own existence is based on the balance of opposites. This is what I try to convey in my work, beauty and harmony as a whole, as a shape. In Nature we find organic forms and geometric structures, and this is the starting point of my work.
Spanish consumers group alleged that products made by TOUS were ‘not entirely made of gold’ as advertised. Since 1906, National Jeweler has been the must-read news source for smart jewelry professionals--jewelry retailers, joyerias barcelona designers, buyers, manufacturers, and suppliers. From market analysis to emerging jewelry trends, we cover the important industry topics vital to the everyday success of jewelry professionals worldwide.

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