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The Notorious Magic Mushroom And Their Attributes In The Year 2021.

The Liberty Cap mushrooms are known as Psilocybe semilanceata and considered as the most notorious of all the hallucinogenic mushrooms and this being one of the most common and potent kinds of shrooms.

It contains a chemical cocktail of psychoactive ingredients, most notably psilocybin which is a naturally produced psychedelic compound and is the prime active substance. Consumption of several shrooms, whether eaten fresh, dried or powdered and added to food etc, can produce a variety of psychedelic experiences.

The vegetative part of the fungus feeds on the decaying matter of grassroots, so they can be found at home scattered in pastures, lawns, grassy roadsides and paths.

Notably, the initial thing to look up is that the cap of the liberty bell mushroom which is hydrophanous, meaning it will change colour depending on how much moisture it retains. In wet conditions, the colour will be yellowish-brown / brown with a slight olive tinge and it has a glutinous viscid layer which can be delicately removed later but the little conical cap remains in the same shape throughout these changes. It is elongate with striate markings (more noticeable when moist) with a distinctive small bump at the very top (umbo).

The thin white/creamy coloured stem at times with darker yellowish hues is somewhat long compared to the size of the cap and can grow up to 7 or 8 cm high. The gills are pale creamy-grey at first, but as the mushroom matures they become a dark purple-brown.

What Does It Taste/Smell Like?

Yellow top mushrooms Australia is usually eaten raw and has a strong earthy taste and has a rubber-like texture which makes them very chewy. They don’t taste like the mushrooms you cook with at home, and few individuals try to hide the flavour by putting them in an omelette or tea.

After picking, liberty caps are mostly eaten raw or are dried out and stored. Mostly, people don’t like to eat mushrooms raw as they can make you feel very sick. Nowadays, most of the liberty caps for sale are available on various websites at affordable rates.

How Does It Make You Feel?

The strength of magic mushrooms ranges depending on their freshness, the condition and where they grow. It's very tough to forecast the firmness of magic mushrooms. For most people, the world looks distorted when they take mushrooms as the colours, objects, sounds and even time, can all seem very divergent.

How Does It Make People Behave?

This depends on how many magic mushrooms the person takes and if the person takes a little dose of shrooms they may not even notice that they’re on it. Individuals who take larger doses of spores can act unpredictably as they laugh a lot, become fixated on several things, be emotional or get paranoid.

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