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Financial Literacy Advocate Eric Yard Announces Launch of New Podcast, Raising F

Yard describes the podcast as, “practical, loving, and direct advice for parents who want to instill the importance of building a strong financial future in their children.” The program is aimed at parents of children from toddlers to teenagers.

The married father of one 9-year-old daughter says the concept behind the program is to present old, present, and future ways of managing and creating money for the young to learn. Additionally, he aims to provide parents with the tools the public schools are not necessarily providing. “This knowledge was not given to me when I was my daughter’s age,” he says, “However, my financial position in life could have been much stronger if I had learned and applied these concepts early on.”

Raising Financial Freedom features well-known advocates in the field of financial literacy, all of whom offer specific tools to support parents in facilitating their children’s financial education. “Our guests provide expertise on everything from managing money to learning to save,” Yard says, “And answer difficult questions about credit cards, exploring investments, and numerous other topics.”

Recent episodes include, “Building Financial Resilience Through Hip Hop Pedagogy,” in which the guest, Brian ‘Dyalekt’ Kushner, says music can help children learn financial literacy. Kushner is the host of, “Pockets Change,” a program centering on how the media revolves around spending money, but doesn’t emphasize people’s values.

Another episode, “Vending Machines Open The Door To Financial Independence,” features Lakinya Francis, principal consultant with iKrave Vending. She and her team have created a series of online training courses geared toward helping people achieve success in vending services.

Raising Financial Freedom also features a young entrepreneur, Gabrielle Goodwin, founder and CEO of GaBBY Bows, who invented and patented the first double-face, double-snap barrette when she was seven years old. The episode is entitled, “How Are You Teaching Your Children To Be Confident?”

Yard is committed to removing the stigma from talking to children about money. “Talking about money is hard and parenting is harder,” Yard says, “But talking to your children about the importance of making sound financial decisions doesn’t have to be.”

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