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Rotary Laser Level

Rotary Laser Level Buying Guide: What Factors You Should Consider

Nowadays, a rotary laser level has become more and more common in every household’s toolbox due to its versatility and perfect accuracy. However, when it comes to choosing the best rotary laser level to use, it can be considered time-consuming and overwhelming to find the most suitable model among a huge number of products available on the market. But don’t worry! Here we are to give you a comprehensive buying guide and what factors you should notice.

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*What is a Rotary Laser Level?

A rotary laser level projects laser lines rotating and creating 360-degree coverage access to a room. This tool emits perfect vertical and horizontal on any surface and typically has various rotational speed options. Equipped with a long working range and highly accurate measurements, a rotary laser level helps users get rid of wasted time and effort. Thus, a rotary laser level can do all those jobs for you just from one single point. 

*Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Decent Rotary Laser Level?

We understand that getting a rotary laser level for sale can be a tough task to many people, especially as a first-time buyer. There are many characteristics when it comes to power tools and accessories, particularly the complex rotary laser levels. And the worst case could happen is that you might get the wrong laser level for your work when you get confused. With that in mind, we have prepared this detailed buying guide to take you through the most significant and essential features you should consider before buying the tool. 

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Accuracy is a primary requirement when deciding to buy laser levels. Everyone would expect their measuring tool to provide high accurate performance to avoid any possible error. Thus, you should always remember to check the accuracy level of the lasers before making your decision. 

The accuracy of a rotary laser level is measured by how close to level the tool is from a particular distance. The best laser level offers accuracy of ±1/8 inch at 100 feet, while some models in the high-end line can have ±1/16 inch at 100 feet. 

So, as long as the laser level has an accuracy within the range mentioned above, it will deliver awesome results and flawless applications to your tasks. 

#Beams Color

There are 2 laser colors available on the market: green and red. Each of them has its own pros and cons. 

Green lasers are usually much brighter than red ones, and it also could be up to 4x more visible, making the green laser level ideal for large construction projects. Meanwhile, even though red laser levels are not as visible as green ones, they are cheaper and consume less battery energy. 

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#Battery Life

If you have experienced an interruption in the middle of a project because the batteries are dying out, you probably should check the tool’s battery. Most rotating laser levels run on rechargeable batteries, which can be portable and convenient for use, especially for on-site projects. And many rechargeable-batteries can offer up to 80-100 hours working with no downtime, ensuring continuous work throughout the day.

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