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How to Set Up Recurring Billing Software?

Recurring billing is a process where transactions are processed by a merchant from time to time from a checking account for services and goods, if permission is granted by the consumer. You might be aware of this kind of service – as offered by your bank, cell phone service provider or Cable Company. This is a particularly excellent solution for all those businesses that need contracts or memberships. When the collection process is automated, it is possible for businesses to boost the flow of cash as well as eliminate collection calls and late payments, lower invoicing costs etc. Find out how a Recurring Billing Software can be set up. 


First of all, at the time of the registration process, all credit card or account information has to be offered by your consumers in writing or electronically. They have to state that they are signing up for the recurring billing program. With a superior recurring billing solution, you can either get the template forms or online portal, to ensure that this kind of contract takes place between your customer and you. 

Entering important details

Next, you just have to enter the schedule details and customer information into the safe online software interface. You have to click save after you do that. Pre-notifications or automatic email receipts are also sent by numerous recurring billing services for every payment.

Payment information submission

The transaction is processed by the system with the submission of the payment information to the payment processor, be it credit card or ACH. The transaction is executed by the processor, and the status ‘Approved’ is sent back to the software program that you install. This sends the credit card company or bank (where the money is debited from) to subtract the necessary funds. Your business bank is sent a notification to post the money to the account. Finally, it can be possible for you to get funds on time for your own business. Consumers can check the reporting of the transaction on their account statement for each month. 

The process of setting up as well as making use of recurring billing for business is simple. You can get the chance to save time, boost customer service and customer loyalty, improve the flow of cash and more with recurring billing software program. It can also let you avoid manual entry of data, collection calls, late fees etc, and also make your business much more seamless. 

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