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Buy best mini projectors available in the market under affordable range

Buy best mini projectors available in the market under affordable range

If you’re desperately longing for a movie night, you should enlist some mini projectors and enjoy the movie from the comfort of your home. Of course, many people would be interested in binge-watching through streaming platforms like Netflix, amazon prime, etc. However, you need to explore the moments through a mini projector and live it to the fullest. 

We have enlisted some kickass mini projectors for your better experience- 

LG cone beam 

LG India’s 4k UHD beam projectors make you enjoy a premium cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home. The picture quality is enriched with luxury and pictures are sharper. It has expanded size with premium 4k quality, now you can experience the world through a screen of up to 150(381 cm). This projector has a 3840*2160 resolution with 8.3 million discrete pixels with XPR video processing. The image you will receive will be at least four times dense and wider and detailed. This is extremely important for larger and projected screens. 

Epson Home Theatre TW650 1080P 3LCD Projector 

Epson Home Theatre is the best multimedia projector to experience in a great way whatever you play on the screen. This home theatre project brings life to your streaming and gaming experience, it enhances color quality by three times and comes from Epson LCD technology. 

It is a full HD projector that comes with a chipset with a maximum distance of 7.5 cm for perfect projection. The resolution is 1920 x 1080 megapixels with an accent ratio of 16:10. The lamp life is longer which can run for 7500 hours with 2w built-in speakers providing premium sound quality. 

There is a color palette from which you can choose different colors such as Dynamic, game, cinema, and bright cinema as per your requirements. You can also connect your smartphone to the device to protect your entertainment. 

View sonic M1 Ultra-Portable Projector

Home theatre screens can give a large platform that could enhance your viewing experience. View sonic M1 Ultra-portable projector is a feature-filled device available at an affordable price range. The look and feel of the device are unique and impressive. It is a compact device and lightweight which makes it the most convenient device for traveling. It comes with a remote control which gives you ease of access. This LED mini projector can be projected in any room and also outdoors with sufficient sound clarity which enhances your entertainment time and make it more enjoyable. 

Philips Pico PPX4010 

It is one of the most compact devices available in the market in recent times. This is the best product launched by Philips so far. This device is as small as a mouse which makes it ultra-portable. It has proven to be the best business-partner so far. This is a pocket-friendly product that could fit into a pocket. It has an inbuilt smart engine that generates high-quality videos and pictures in bright colors and breathtaking contrast. It projects videos and presentations wide 305 cm in size and weighs 83 grams. The LED light sources last 30,000 hours and the display technology is DLP Smart Engine. The price for this excellent portable product is approximately Rs. 25,000. 

RIF6 Cube 10 RF00040 

It is a little different from what generally projectors look like. It is built with some smart devices and it is completely portable. It redefines the way a projector interacts with a phone and enhances our modern lifestyle. It is a 2-inch cube-sized projector with useful functionality available in any projector. With this cube size, you can explore your favorite media in an entirely modern way. 

These were some points about mini projectors available in the market for enhancing your viewing experience.  

SUMMARY- Mini projectors are literally the best thing to carry while travelling and it enhances your cinematic experience to the max.

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