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What is Corporate Branding?

Make a brand identity for your small business that helps define your brand image is an important task that has been ignored. But there must be benefits for businesses that take the time to set their brands and use them consistently. Make a brand identity that reflects the values ​​you can make a strong connection with your customers. Apply your brand consistently on all media platforms, both online or offline, helping customers distinguish you from your competitors.

Be according to your values ​​and provide excellent customer experience to form a perception that customers have your brand. Top corporate branding in Dubai Company helps you the most in your business.

So it's essential to understand that the company's identity, brand identity and brand image is different. And these differences are essential for your marketing success.

Company Identity

The company's identity is a visual aspect of the style and personality of the company. This is a combination of colors, graphics and typography with guidelines about how these elements are used in all media types.

The type of media includes your website, collateral marketing, social media profile and other physical representations of your business. Visual elements include logos, color palettes and fonts and anything that visually represents your business.

When you set a clear and consistent company identity, you reach a typical image that clearly distinguishes you from your competitors. Being different makes it easier for your customers to remember you. Having a look and shades that are consistent in all communications create a strong brand. To maintain consistency in all media, it is beneficial to make a style guide. This guide ensures that every time your target audience sees your business online or offline consistently represented and hence, more memorable our Douxl Technologies experts.

Brand Identity

The brand identity is a total value proposition that the company makes its customers. This can consist of features and attributes, benefits, performance, quality, service, support, and the brand's values. Your brand identity plays the role of whether customers choose you for your competitors.

The brand identity is who you are. Think of it as your positioning statement with personality and a set of values. This:

  • Promise you to make to your customers.
  • All companies want customers to think and feel about them.
  • That position occupies the minds of people.
  • The brand identity applied correctly makes you memorable, build trust and can lead to brand loyalty among your customers.

Brand Image

The brand image is how the customer thinks or feels your brand based on the experience they might have with your brand. Depending on whether this experience is good or badly determines the image of your brand. Your brand image affects your reputation.

If customers have negative experiences, you must work hard to change your brand perception. If the customer has a positive experience, you are more likely to build customer loyalty and a decisive competitive advantage for your brand.

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