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trends in Cloud Computing

The end result is that companies place significant value on candidates who have experience and/or certifications associated with security including the following:

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge
Certified Cloud Security Professional
Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services
CompTIA Cloud+
Professional Cloud Security Manager

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Now, there’s no hardcore prerequisite for professionals to be certified from any of these cloud providers, but if they are certified, they can be called Solutions Architects, Cloud Developers, or SysOps Engineers, depending on the certification. Regardless of the title, However, the main job roles and responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer remain the same.
As mentioned earlier, this job role essentially encompasses the different qualities of various job roles. We have already seen the general roles and responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer. Now, let’s see the varying responsibilities of Cloud Engineers that they have to accomplish when they are titled as Solutions Architects, Cloud Developers, and SysOps Engineers.

What does a Cloud Engineer do as a Solutions Architect?
Designing and deploying applications on the cloud
Identifying and using appropriate cloud services to support applications on the cloud
Migrating on-premise applications of the organization to the cloud
Maintaining the usage of cloud services and implementing cost-saving strategies
What does a Cloud Engineer do as a Cloud Developer?

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