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Why Ruby on Rails for Web Development is a Good Choice in 2021

Why Ruby on Rails for Web Development is a Good Choice in 2021

Ruby on Rails is a modern framework for web development. It powers over 3 millions active websites. Ruby on Rails development services are affordable and startup-friendly. The framework offers unique development capabilities - including a reduction of 40% in development time. 

The framework continues to evolve with the launch of Rails 6.0 in mid-2021. Majority of Ruby developers use Rails as the choice of framework. Its convention over configuration philosophy provides a structure within which developers can operate. Yet Ruby on Rails for web development is flexible enough to account for frequent modifications.

This article will highlight the following -

  • Ruby on Rails Overview

  • Benefits of Ruby of Rails in 2021

  • Why companies should choose RoR

Rails migration is now a priority for companies. Therefore, Ruby on Rails development services companies provide experts who can assist with version upgrades. Let’s dive deeper into why Ruby on Rails is perfect for web application development and migration.

Ruby on Rails overview

Ruby on Rails is an open-source, object-oriented web development framework. It works on the Ruby programming language. RoR web development services are the first choice for many MNCs. Airbnb, Github, Basecamp, Shopify - all of them use Ruby on Rails. The framework was also the base for Twitter. The clear syntax of Ruby is the perfect companion for Rails to build powerful applications.

Most companies prefer to hire Ruby on Rails developer for rapid prototyping. MVP or Minimum Viable Product is the primary objective of using Rails development. Iterations are important in software development. By getting an initial product, you can board users, and start making iterations with every release.

Ruby on Rails projects are technically simple. It eliminates complexities through the conventional development environment. Developers only need to mention unconventional aspects. A Ruby on Rails company simplifies the web development process by combining it with agile methodology. This way, iterations take place without taking much time.

Benefits of Ruby on Rails in 2021

Some experts may say that Ruby on Rails is dead. It has performance issues as compared to frameworks like Django for web development. However, Ruby on Rails consulting is in high demand. There are many factors responsible for this surge, including a focus on cost-effective web applications due to the pandemic. 

Before we understand why Ruby on Rails would prevail in 2021, let’s see some of its benefits.

These are necessary to understand why RoR web development services are still the first choice when it comes to web apps - 

  1. Better productivity
    Ruby has simple coding structures. It is readable and similar to that of the English language. However, each line of code delivers powerful results. Developers can write dynamic elements in fewer lines. It leads to better productivity. When Rails uses agile, the outputs multiply. Since every iteration has feedback and modifications are a priority, the result is much better than other frameworks. You can achieve more with code that looks less.

  2. Startup technology
    Ruby on Rails is often termed as “the startup technology.” The reason is its quick prototyping capabilities. Startups often compete in a dynamic environment. They need quick products to capture a higher market share. Apart from that, rapidity ensures they have an edge over others. Ruby on Rails is perfect to gain the “first-mover advantage.” Business processes align well when you can quickly get your product in the market.

  3. Cost-effective
    The best Ruby on Rails development services are cost-effective. Why so? Rails is an open-source framework. There is no licensing cost. It is free to download and use. You can hire Ruby on Rails developer without spending a fortune. They are in high supply and are available for a decent price. You can outsource to a Ruby on Rails development company for eliminating any costs associated with managing a team of developers.

  4. Developer-friendly
    Ruby on Rails for web development is developer-friendly. It is easy to learn and fun to implement. Even beginner developers can work on complex projects. Ruby has a simple and concise syntax. Ruby on Rails projects involve code with enough documentation for even junior developers. The framework is also easy-to-learn. The learning curve is quick, equipping developers with the right skill set in no time.

  5. Vast community
    With over 5000+ active contributors, the Ruby on Rails community is massive. Developers often provide support to each other on different projects. There are tutorials and learning material available for each topic. Sometimes, Rails developers also collaborate to solve common web application problems. You can get all the support you need from the community. The members continuously update the open-source framework and maintain it to its best.

Why Companies should choose Ruby on Rails in 2021

Ruby on Rails is the right choice for a web application at an affordable price. If you are facing the impact of the pandemic, achieving economies of scale with modern technology would be your goal. Digitization is now a priority to sustain. A web application is an effective route to become a digital organization.

You may need a centralized dashboard to manage remote working. Or there might be a need for customer-centric apps to penetrate different geographical regions. Ruby on Rails web development services ensure you have the right technology for both.

RoR reduces the application cost and improves digital effectiveness. It can give you a head start with the right web application. The reduction in development time and quick MVP are the primary reasons for hiring a custom software development company for your web app in 2021.

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