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Points to take into account to know how to choose a screen
Surely it has happened to all of us to see a television on display and immediately imagine how incredible it would look in our home. However, buying new intelligent display Solutions goes beyond a beautiful design or the size of its panel. SmartTV or conventional screen Thanks to the various streaming services that exist today we can get more out of o...

What is STONE HMI?- human interface with TOOLBOX sofawsre
An HMI, also known as a human interface, is a display that allows a user to control and monitor his or her machine.A common example of an HMI is an ATM machine, coffee machine, or beauty machine on which the user can interact with the machine using screens and buttons. Today, through this guide, we will introduce: Introduction to HMI HMI and STONE Why ...

Everything you need to know before buying a new television
We know that the technology of the television world has evolved a lot, so which is the one that interests us the most, when buying a new one? We must take into account many characteristics, we will tell you. Given this evolution, we have witnessed the emergence of a very varied terminology and that in many cases, to the consumer, does not make it clear what...

OLED vs LED screens and TV or screen: What technology is better in 2020?
OLED, LED and LCD screens: which technology is better in 2020? Is there a big difference between the contrast of OLED TVs and the contrast of LED and LCD TVs? What television should you buy? Is the price very different? In 2019, screen and TV technology continues to evolve, and you are fully entering 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) ... and soon to 8K. You s...

What is Smart TV on TV?
The functionality of Smart tft module is a separate set and does not affect the image quality. You need a smart TV in order to connect the TV to the Internet and to your home internal network via Ethernet, and to use Internet services to watch movies. For the smart tft screen to work properly, your home should have Internet access at a speed of at leas...

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