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Isle by Melis Kozan

Isle by Melis Kozan

Isle by Melis Kozan
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  • Isle by Melis Kozan - Isle by Melis Kozan is a sophisticated brand, which personifies the fun and funky flair of its designer, Melis Kozan.


3 Top Summer Accessories To Make A Style Statement
As the weather changes, summer dresses, full of vibrant colors and floral prints, make their way back to the wardrobe. All those cropped jeans and high waist skirts that were hidden beneath the pile of winter clothes all this time, get their top shelve back. But what about accessories? You can’t rely on the same old accessories to keep up with the tren...

4 Types Of Dresses To Include In Your Summer Wardrobe
Style takes a different meaning in Summers. When you have to pull off a smart look, you need to try a combination of multiple dresses that are trending. Although you may feel that you can still go with your old wardrobe, but to get the cool look you desire, you should get some new dresses. If you have the question. “ Which dress to choose?” in yo...

Tips To Wear Summer Dresses In Many Ways
Your wardrobe is a pandora box where you hide these creepy things you can’t let it out. They have been untouched since the day you said goodbye with a cold shoulder. In the far corner of your secret closet, a line of printed summer dresses is waiting for you to pick them on a beautiful occasion. Do you know, unlike any other low-life garments that hard...

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