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Various Types of Surgeries in the Face and Jaw Region
Surgery in the jaw is a major problem. It involves high risk and is a complex procedure that might take a long time for correction depending on the problem that is being dealt with as well as the strength of the jaw bone. It is indeed a surgery that calls for a long pre-surgical preparation which involves taking iron tablets among other things to ensure that...

Tips from a Livingston Oral Surgeon for Preserving Dental Implants
Dental implants in NJ are amazing because they can replace teeth that have fallen off with crowns that could be used like real teeth. Some people, however, are not taking care of their dental implants properly. In Livingston Oral Surgery, we wish to remind people that since dental implants are made to replace real teeth, they should also be given the same tr...

With Craniofacial Surgery Redefine Your Facial Aesthetics and Dental Arrangement
Sometimes due to deformity or accidental injuries, the face gets affected and distorted severely. Cleft lip and palate is the primary concern even in a state like New Jersey. The cleft lip rate in 2017 was recorded to be 4.55 per 10,000 births in this region as per the Department of Health (DoH) report. The maxillofacial surgery in NJ is benefiting millions ...

Dental Implants and How Crucial Replacing teeth is
Before you opt for dental implants in Livingston, let us give you a brief idea on dental implants. A dental implant is a tiny, but extremely strong, titanium alloy screw which is used to fill the gaps and replace missing teeth. Along with that, it also supports loose and removable dentures. Now that you have known what a dental implant is, let’s look a...

What can you eat after dental implant surgery?
Have you recently done oral surgery in NJ and want to know what you can eat? If yes, then you have reached the right place. In this blog, we will tell you what food you need to eat after surgery to maintain your oral health. After 24-48 hours: Take a cool liquid diet. Here are some important guidelines that you need to follow after 24-48 hours of surgery. ...

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