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Karanbir Singh

Karanbir Singh
Internet Marketing Manager at RAKwireless | Marketing Lead |
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Be One Step Ahead With MQTT Bridge: Its Advantages vs a UDP Packet Forwarder
In our accelerating world that does not stop for anyone, information that helps us keep things in order must be quickly distributed. Data transmissions should happen in a snap and messaging should reach even the far ends of our planet. Technology has already fulfilled these demands for speedy and stable connection by giving us the Internet of Things (IoT). H...

4 uses for Gateways with LoRaWAN® capabilities in Water Management
Over the course of living on Earth, there is no doubt that water is essential, everyone and everything needs it. Unfortunately, even if the world is made of 70% of water, various parts of the world still struggle with water scarcity and sanitation. However, it’s not an unknown phenomenon, the cause behind these water issues are partly because of waste ...

How to add your own LoRa node device on Alibaba Cloud IoT platform
Alibaba Cloud provides an Internet of Things platform to improve IoT communication access services. But how do we add our own LoRa node equipment on Alibaba Cloud? 1. Create a product 1. According to the method shown in Figure 1, access to the Internet of Things device access, enter the management console (may need to open the service): Alibaba Clou...

3 Applications of IoT and LoRaWAN Modules in Sustainable Development
All the trials experienced under this pandemic has highlighted the significance of developing technology sustainability. The need for long-term solutions in different industries, such as the economy, education, health, business, and agricultural sectors was yet again uncovered and realized. A model city that would possess these long-term solutions is a Smar...

Testing the Limit: Knowing the Capacity of Your LoRa Gateway
Among all protocols in IoT, the LoRaWAN protocol is deemed to be the most prominent among all. It is then no wonder that most developers invest in LoRa gateways. LoRa gateways are devices that act as a bridge in the data transmission of one device to another. It is an essential part of any deployment working under the LoRaWAN protocol as nodes, devices that ...

4 LoRaWAN Modules Made for Smart Cities
As we automate and connect more of our cities to make our lives easier, we need LoRa Modules that can accommodate this undertaking. These modules need to be compact and have to be suitable for various applications that require long-range data acquisition. Here are 4 of the best LoRaWAN Modules available now for us to acquire data from our smart cities: RAK4...

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