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Susan george

Susan george

I am marketing manager working with Astrahealth clinic.
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what is rabies and how is it transmitted
It is transmitted by a viral named as Lyssavirus(Rhabdoviridae family). It is found in mammals like dogs, cats, squirrels, raccoons etc. and caused by infectious bite of these animals. It exhibits many symptoms like fear of light and water and many others neurological problems. In the united states, between 1 and 3 suffered by rabies every year. India stays ...

Respiratory Infections in Children
If you are the parent of young kids, the term winter is arriving is nearly as dreaded as it is about the series Game of Thrones. True, you do not need to worry about unexpected strikes by the zombie army. however, you must be worried about your babies and young children being exposed to more than the typical variety of health dangers. Not all these risks wil...

The initial requirement for the DOT physical exam
Before we talk any further about what the requirements for the DOT physical exams are, you should be aware of the difference between the DOT physical exam and the DOT drug testing. These are two different aspects of the DOT, in the drug testing program, a safety-sensitive employee is tested for the traces of drugs in his/her system wherein the DOT physical e...

Overview of the Different Types of Hair Removal
Hair removal may be nuisance literally. There are many ways to go about it, nearly as numerous as there are hairs to eliminate, but most approaches fall into three groups: shaving lotions, waxing, and laser. The ideal hair removal system is obviously the one that suits you best which is supplied by Best Laser Hair Removal Union City. Everybody differs, so di...

About Urgent Care Services
Premier Urgent Care can satisfy all your urgent medical requirements and get you back to work, play or school whenever possible. It's the only urgent care in the area that has been accredited by the Urgent Care West NewYork. Astrahealth center is the ideal choice for Urgent Care. Chiropractic care, appropriate nutrition, and workout will supply your body the...

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