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Financial Spread Betting Pitfalls To Avoid
One of the pitfalls in financial spread betting is being too confident, or sometimes, being too greedy. Nevertheless, these two characteristics are hard to temper, especially when one already has the experience and steady gains that have been sustained for quite some time. However, even the most seasoned financial spread betting trader has had their ups an...

Forex Trading Using Contracts For Difference
CFD or contracts for difference trading as a derivative instrument has provided one more option to adventurous traders to try their trading skills in various asset classes such as stocks, indices, commodities and bonds. It is interesting to note that you can also make use of CFDs to do Forex trading. So what is it that makes CFD trading so popular that pe...

Factors Which Influence Stocks
A number of factors influence the movement of stock prices. The world is now a global village and each market is interlinked in some fashion or the other to one another. The implications of this for day traders and those indulging in spread betting (learn more about spreads) are significant. Any economic development or news regarding a particular market ha...

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