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Himanshu arora

Himanshu arora

Joined: July 9th, 2020
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All about Guerrilla marketing and ideas
Today we're gonna talk all about guerrilla marketing. I'm gonna take you through inexpensive guerrilla marketing ideas that you can do yourself in your small business, we are not going to discuss guerilla marketing advantages and disadvantages but talk about some beneficial ideas. Number one, clever signs and posters. Check out this teeth poster that a ...

Why most people fail in the dropshipping business?
Dropshipping is a type of business in which sellers don’t have to manage or maintain inventory before the acceptance of order confirmation from the customers. Seeing it as a no inventory business model, many of the people enter this type of e-commerce business without having adequate knowledge and experience.   I have got three major reasons why...

The success story of Amul
Milk is often considered as the soul food of India from tea, cheese to ice-cream. We find its presence everywhere and we cannot imagine a day where we don't consume milk in one form or the other but isn't it surprising then that just 60 years ago India was a milk deficit country. In the 1990s the milk problem was so huge that we had to import milk powder to ...

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