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What are the Ranking Keywords as per Moz?
Ranking keywords are the phrases for which your website is ranking in the search engine. For example, if someone types data network in you can find my website on 01’st position. So, data network is my ranking keyword. Below is the screenshot: Now the trick is, the more ranking keywords you have, the fast you increase domain authority. ...

Virtual reality (VR) technology
Customer participation has become a key element for brands in order to make the customer journey as immersive and interesting as possible. Virtual reality is one of the tools that companies use to interact with their customers. This technology completely transforms the shopping experience and therefore improves the level of customer satisfaction by providin...

Did you know that Google Chrome has Three Types of “Reload”?
Many people use Google Chrome to browse websites on their computers and smartphones.Google-related services have evolved and provided useful functions every day. If you feel inconvenient, you may have missed features or services. Whether you use Google regularly or an unfamiliar person, you cannot go without it.I want to introduce tips that you can get if y...

Epidural Hematoma
Arteriovenous Fistula is an irregular connection or corridor between the vein and an artery. It may be a physical abnormality, surgically creates for hemodialysis treatments (treatment to filter wastes and water from your blood), or obtain due to the pathologic process, such as erosion of an arterial aneurysm Arteriovenous fistulas are another clinical comp...

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