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Why the protecting gas is necessary for welding?
Welding gas mainly refers to the safety gas made use of in gas secured welding (co2 gas shielded welding, inert gas shielded welding) and also the gas made use of in welding and also cutting, consisting of inert gas argon (Ar), helium (He), substance gas carbon dioxide (CO2), molecular gas oxygen (O2), combustible gas, blended gas, etc. During welding, the s...

What's TIG welding?
TIG Welding is the acronym of Tungsten Inert Gas Welding, tungsten electrode is the core of TIG welding, Tungsten has the highest melting point of any kind of metal-- 3,380 ° C-- which indicates the electrode can emit an arc to warmth or melt a workpiece without melting itself.the tungsten will certainly not be consumed as the electrode, with the Inert g...

The generally used protecting gas for GMAW
The GMAW( Gas steels arc welding) can be divided into MAG welding and MIG welding according to the type of securing gas. MAG welding makes use of CO2, or a mixture of C02 or oxygen (these are called reactive gases) in argon as a securing gas. It is only customary to call CO2 gas welding as CO2 arc welding, which is different from MIG welding, which uses argo...

Tips of TIG welding for aluminium alloy
TIG welding (tungsten arc welding) of light weight aluminum alloy is to utilize a big amount of heat generated by the formation of an arc between tungsten electrode as well as the workpiece to thaw the light weight aluminum material, and then fill the welding cable to obtain a firm welding joint. The tungsten electrode and weld location are protected by iner...

What's Gas metal Arc Welding?
Gas metals arc welding, GMAW for brief, is just one of one of the most frequently made use of welding approaches, with the welding cable and also welding components of the arc as a heat source, it melt the welding cable as well as base metal as well as the shipment of inert gas or energetic shielding gas to the welding location, to make sure that the arc, th...

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