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For what are PP and LDPE used the most in the plastic industry?
LDPE has limited tensile strength and a lower modulus of elasticity than higher density polyethylene. That basically means it's weaker and deforms more easily. It's used a lot in plastic bags and protective wrapping (bubble wrap, foil): Polypropylene is used in bottle caps, packaging, mealboxes, carpets, composites (engineering plastics), laboratory equi...

Top 7 Considerations for Successful Custom Labels
The concept of custom labels is relatively simple: create a design and print them. But getting successful custom labels (meaning they print well, look appealing and stick properly) can be a different story, especially if you’re new to the label world. Let’s say you’re a juice startup looking to break into the cold-pressed juice ma...

What are different types of plastic grades?
Initially, when we used to think about any kind of manufacturing unit instantly we imagine huge steel plants. But in today's manufacturing world "Plastic" has also become an essential material because from the water bottle to storing food we use plastic. Each kind of plastic has a different chemical makeup so to make people and recycling plant awa...

Different Types of plastic grades?
Each kind of plastic has a different chemical makeup so to make people and recycling plant aware of them the Society of the Plastics Industry (SIP) in the year 1988 introduced classification system or you can say grading system. The following plastic grades are: Grade 1 plastics are made up of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is commonly used in bevera...

5 Tips of Digital Printing Labels
Digital printing produces vibrant high-quality labels that can be used for practically any product or project. Unlike flexographic presses that use polymer plates to transfer ink onto materials, digital presses use dots of ink to recreate an image from a digital file. The process is very similar to how your desktop printer works. If you’re new to custo...

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